Wear This: Open/Low Back Wedding Dress

My whole thing with “showing back” as a great way to show skin and be sexy but still be modest continues over into Wedding dresses. Surprisingly, not many designers are doing it…so if you want to go for it, you don’t have THAT much to choose from, of course Monique Lhuillier is a master. I am over the idea of strapless as the only way to go. Honestly, 65% of the girls who wear strapless dresses on their big day probably shouldn’t have! (My opinion only). Again, I am only perusing wedding dresses because I LOVE WEDDING DRESSES. Not planning a wedding folks..

I adore this one, it’s statement necklace/demure/low back all in one but not too complicated!

This girl’s hair is throwing me off and I like the back more than the front

This feathery, fringed concoction is heaven

Embellished See-Thru Back

Seriously Low, but modest in front

Very Classic

Very hippy, love

Enjoy! Images from Brides.com Monique Lhuillier

4 thoughts on “Wear This: Open/Low Back Wedding Dress

  1. Payton. I pretty much started crying and rubbing my naked ring finger when I saw the last “hippy”, open back wedding dress. Sigh.

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