Cleansing and craving

G’day. I don’t remember it ever being -5 degrees in Fayetteville, Arkansas but apparently that is what it will be tomorrow. What is one to do with their time besides shuttling in and out of places like office buildings, grocery stores, basketball arenas and homes when the weather takes this sort of turn?

I have decided to go on a “cleanse”. Initially, I chose the master cleanse or lemonade diet. On Monday night, I mixed up a pitcher full of water, lemon juice, syrup and cayenne pepper (after a $50 trip to the co-op). On Tuesday, with my first sip of the concoction, I nearly gagged. I was quite depressed as I’d hoped to continue on this path to inner cleanliness and healthier lifestyle for 10 WHOLE DAYS. Supposedly, you should consume 10 servings of the drink. I barely got through 3. By 8pm I was starving, hungrier by far than any other time I’d accidentally gone without eating. I decided to switch to a juice cleanse, where you drink around 800 calories/day of organic and unadulterated fruits and vegetables.  Needless to say, I guzzled down some veggie juice and felt much better. Later I spoke with my friend Lydia, who is a master cleanse veteran. She explained that you cannot add the cayenne pepper to the batch if you make a day’s worth ahead of time. The longer the cayenne sits in the mixture, the more it seeps in and the more it seeps in, the spicier and albeit grosser the mixture becomes. You MUST add the cayenne on a per serving basis. Good to know.

For today, I am still on the juice cleanse. I feel fine and I actually slept really well last night. Hopefully, that will continue. The evenings are much harder for me when it comes to resisting food temptations. I am actually excited about ridding my body of toxins and spending 10 days w/o caffeine or alcohol. But, there really isn’t much to do besides eat & drink when it’s <10 degrees out!

Despite my new year’s resolution to save more money, I’ve been salivating over a few things…


Have a fabulous day!



I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. I typically think of something in the moment like “be healthier” or “exercise more” but I never commit to anything and often forget what I resolved to do within a few weeks.

Come to think of it, I’ve never actually given anything up for lent or fast or anything.

New Year, New Decade, New Start. Here are my goals for the coming year.

  • Save money. Start a savings that I can’t touch. Invest in an IRA.
  • Build a budget (goes with above)
  • Develop healthy eating habits that can be maintained
  • Find an exercise/workout/ hobby that I enjoy
  • Spend more time with my family/friends/loved ones
  • Obtain reliable transportation (my car’s life ended with 2009)
  • Start building a home, even if a house is not purchased
  • Realize what I want out of my job

More TBD…