Becoming a mother again

Hello Gorgeous!

My bf and I have gotten a puppy together. We’ve wanted to take the dive for quite some time but have never actually come close. I have a bi-polar dachshund and he wanted a great dane, so we were having a hard time compromising.  Then it all happened so fast! We met her sister (my bestie – Lo’s sister had adopted her). Robert got an email the next day and we went to visit her, the next day (yesterday) we brought her home!

She’s adorable, I know. Her name is Miss Roberta Roux Bridewell, Bertie for short. She’s just a delicious dessert dog! So precocious and affectionate. I’ve never had a puppy! Wiggles was 2+ years old when I adopted him. I just want to do everything right so she turns into the type of dog you can take anywhere and that everyone wants to be around! I’m so nervous! I bought Puppies for dummies yesterday! I also don’t want my already sour wiener feel left out.

Robert seems confident that we’ll figure everyone out. But, I don’t want to miss that small window where they’re so impressionable and learn with ease (not to nip, not to pee in the house, not to jump, not to beg, tricks). Who knows what will happen? All I know right now is I am in love with this beautiful creature and even more charmed by my beau when I see how sweet he is with her…

Did you melt?

Support your local Animal Shelter!

Why put your future in jeopardy when buying jewelry?

Sometimes even the least self-serving girl makes demands about engagement rings that she would in no other instance. Small house, old car, discount shoes, thrift-shop duds, forever21 baubles…None of these matter as long as the sparkle on our left ring finger results in the periodic blindness of those around us.

On the the other hand, the poor blokes who love and adore us and want to please us to the point of ecstasy don’t necessarily have $30k set aside, and if they do, it’s probably not filed under “the love of my life’s engagement ring fund” (we can only dream) and say they do have a nest egg already, wouldn’t we rather it go toward our dream house?

Case in point. This is one of my (Fayetteville) dream homes, I qualify because I have many around town (the country…the world!)

And this is my dream ring:

Both make me swoon. Why would a besotted young lady in love want to sacrifice one for the other? My answer is two-fold. We should and yet we don’t have to. We forgo blinding everyone in our office/circle of friends/random party for now.  Let me explain! The ring above is and will always be my dream. Must I realize my most precious of dreams NOW at 24? I think not.

A while back I posted here about beautiful dream rings but ladies, I have other ideas. Women seem to be marrying younger and younger and the state of our U.S. economy is getting scarier and scarier. Why don’t we wait on our dream ring? Instead of our beaus taking 10 years to save for what “we” want or taking out a loan he doesn’t need, let’s compromise.

My proposal: Find a gorgeous cocktail ring you know you’ll love forever and wear that until you (or hubby) strike it rich and can provide you with what your heart desires. Keep pictures, most jewelers worth their snuff can re-create for you.

Here are some of my faves under $5K

$4500European Diamond Engagement Ring

$4600Art Deco Engagement Ring

$3500Art Deco Engagement Ring

$4500Art Deco Engagement Ring

$26002.30ct Aquamarine Engagement Ring

$2400 Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring

$48000.74ct F/SI Marquise Diamond Ring

$1900Art Deco Ruby Engagement Ring

$39000.59ct G/VS Diamond Engagement Ring

$50001.27ct Old Mine-cut Diamond Ring

All of the above found at FayCullen

$795Main View 1 $895Main View 1

$895Main View 1$12501209862915_30-1-1517.jpg

$1450Estate-Mikimoto-Pearl-Cluster-Ring-Main-View $16501209862963_30-1-1926.jpg

$1750 Main View 1 $1750 Angel Skin Coral   Emerald Ring Main View

$1750Art Deco Star Sapphire Solitaire Main View 1$2250 Main View 1

$2250Aquamarine   Seed Pearl Filigree Ring Main View $2450 30 1 1830 Main View

$2650 1209862971_30-1-854.jpg $2650 1209862976_30-15-284.jpg

$2700 Main View 1$2750 1209862985_30-3-1634.jpg

$2750 Main View I LOVE this one $2750 1209862924_30-1-1585.jpg

$2850 – I die 1209862973_30-1-918.jpg $3250 1209862894_30-1-1331.jpg

I <3 $3250 Chysoberyl Cats Eye and Diamond Ring Main View$33501209862987_30-3-1753.jpg

$3350 1209862989_30-3-666.jpg $3450 1209862600_10-1-1386.jpg

I do – $3850 Apple Jade Diamond Cocktail Ring Main View I do – $3950 Antique Sapphire and Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring Main View

$4250 Main View 1 I do $4750 Main View 1

And these below are the winners! All $750

1209862950_30-1-1788.jpg Modern Ballerina Style Diamond and Emerald Ring Main View 1209862924_30-1-1581.jpg 1209862677_10-1-1962.jpg

Main View

Above images from Lang Antiques

Happy Weekend!

I hope the next two days and nights are filled fun for you! Here’s what I’m hoping for me.

A little lovin’

Some rest  

Spring Flowers 

Dinner with friends (al fresco- natch) including a champagne toast photo_brunch.jpg

I’d like for boyfriend and I to talk wiggles on a long walk. (This is them – below) Aren’t they adorable? I am lucky!

In this park. Perhaps he’ll bring along delicious drinks for us to share?

I’ll swing and he’ll push. Then he may or may not have a picnic put together for us EXACTLY like the one below.

Sunday will bring peonies and coffee and lazing.

Wishing you the same and much more. xx

Fresh Accessories

As you can tell from this post, I love hair accessories. Hats, headbands, pins, wraps and especially flowers. I continue to wear them less than I intend to but I’ve vowed to change that this summer. Elements of Style posted yesterday about EmersonMade – They’re an adorable young couple that fled Manhattan for the most adorable farm, complete with geese. He helps her (Emerson) handcraft beautiful blossoms that can be pinned on labels, belts, in hair, placed in bouquets, arranged on the table or hung for a party. There is a wide variety of colors/sizes available and they are reasonably priced when you keep in mind they literally have each petal pieced together by hand. Here are some of their floral creations in their home.


If you weren’t already wanting to trade your husband in for hers, you’ll die when you see that they both model their creations. And he still looks manly and adorable while doing so. I tend to think my bf would look just as romantic with a flower on his label…but we’ve still got to work on that.


I have to interrupt because this is my favorite flower –The big poppy (I WANT IT)


And this is so so so so adorable. It’s obvious that he supports her ambition…and looks good while doing it!


Here are a few more of them. IMG_2176-8IMG_0671IMG_3051IMG_9839gardenman3

Check out emersonmade if for nothing else but to GUSH!.

I was so excited yesterday after reading about this gorgeous family and business and flowers I went out and bought these from Forever21. They were $6.80!

I instantly felt better and am planning to gently inspire Robert to rock a look like this

Jack Lapel Pins Collection of 6

Or this

Little Linen Dandy!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Digital Magazines: Best Idea EVER!

I recently discovered Lonny Magazine, it’s an online-only home decor magazine with amazing finds and a keen eye for style. My favorite part is the instant click of images leading you directly to a site to where you can buy!

Vanity Fair did a piece on this lovely digi-mag in the December 2009 issue:

Here are some photos from the Oh Joy! Blog Lonny-magazine1Lonny-magazine2

One of my favorite articles comes from issue 3 and features a computer table fashioned into a lucite vanity. Sara Gilbane has her perfume/jewelry a top the clear table and her favorite shoes stored below. The whole thing is like a gorgeous work of art. What tops it off is the vintage-ish, oversize square mirror with personal photographs tucked in.

See what this simple (drab) computer table can turn into! The Lucite vanity is gorgeous but the magazine as a whole is SO worth a look :)

Literally… you can click on all the things you like and will be directed to where you can purchase them. SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA!

I also found this gorgeous mirror for $99  from that would be perfect atop the vanity, don’t you think?

After the snow melts

Beggin by Madcon
I feel like I have been beggin’ (hence the song)  mother nature for Spring and just when I thought it arrived, we got a foot and a 1/2 of snow. It didn’t last for long though as the weather has been mild and the snow has all but melted. We were sledding on Sunday and sipping cocktails on the backporch by Tuesday. You can’t really complain about that. When I say a ton of snow…I mean a ton of snow. Take a look at my weiner after my bf tossed him in the yard.

Anyway, once the snow melted and there was green grass underneath I was even more affected by Spring FEVER! I think it might actually be here to stay now and I am consumed by the thought of flowers, sun-dresses, cocktails, brunch, falling asleep out of doors, walks in the park and lazy sunny days spent with friends. (But mostly flowers as you can see…)

Flower images from the gorgeous blog concrete & honey

Dress from Anthropologie


  • 10 ounces white tequila
  • 12 ounces fresh pineapple juice
  • 12 ounces lemon-lime soda
  • Crushed ice
  • 1 cup chopped fresh pineapple
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh mint


Combine tequila, pineapple juice, soda, pineapple and mint in a pitcher. Serve over crushed ice and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Enjoy xx

Classic Fashion Photos

As we all know, fashion trends live in a circular world. From I discovered a few of Tim Gunn’s favorite fashion photos. They are AMAZING.

Tim Gunn says: “If we were to take Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and marry her off to a European prince, then this is who she’d be. This image looks like a still from Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief: High-born, lacquered, bejeweled, in a strapless one-piece bathing suit in a rich textile, this society dame exudes pensive ambivalence over a champagne cocktail versus rum punch. Darling, which would you prefer?” via LIFE

This whole get-up is the embodiment of glamour to me, because she’s so put together.  I love her make-up, jewelry and turban for a day the beach. Girls just don’t do that anymore!

Tim Gunn says: “Silhouette, proportion, fit: This is my mantra for how to get your fashion right. This photograph could be my style barometer! The diverse shapes, proportions, and scales all demonstrate that fashion presents many options, so there’s surely one for you. And this image is so timely, because checks are back in fashion and in full force for fall!” via LIFE

The photo above tacked to my cubicle wall. While the clothes themselves are fabulous, I die over the usage of accessories. Note the gloves, hats and even the cane looks chic!

Tim Gunn says: “I laughed out loud at this image! This is a classic example of my mantra about the semiotics of clothes; that is, the clothes we wear send a message about how we’re perceived. Consider the context of this photograph: It’s 1959 and more and more women are entering the workforce. We need no words to explain what’s going on: The football-uniform size of the bolero and the ‘crown’ hat tell us that this woman is powerful; the stack of gold bracelets and the oversized pearl earrings tell us that she’s rich; and the rest of the details underscore her leadership — she sits alone at one end of the table (presumably the head) and speaks while men write. I’m rapt!” via LIFE

This picture speaks volumes to me. As a woman in the corporate world, I’m enraptured by the mere photo of a woman leading a conference in the ’50s. The essences is in the details: her hat, her long nails, her wedding ring, the men writing…the ash trays! What would Betty Draper say?

Enjoy & head over to LIFE to check out the full gallery.

9-10 mos

In the past few years, I’ve noticed that just because you’re pregnant (disclaimer: I am not, nor do I want to be) doesn’t mean you have to let yourself or your style go. Empire waisted tops and frocks are always in and they are perfect for the earliest stages of mommyhood. My own mom said she loved being prego with me because she was at her largest in the summer (I’m an August baby) and she wore mumus, flats and a primo tan the entire time.

Inspired by beautiful mommies everywhere, I wanted to point a few friends in the right direction for spring/summer dresses that translate into chic maternity-wear. I’m dying for all of these dresses and none of them are actually “maternity” so everyone can enjoy them!

Casual Knot Back Dress

The sleeveless gray sheath above is perfect for belting wherever you like. $65 topshop

Abstract Floral Smock Dress

The floral dress above  is so fun and girly, you could wear it as is or with the below belt.

Dress $90, from here, belt $8 from here.

Backless Dress By Boutique

The above LBD is backless and the waist is perfect for my fave look: modest/sexy $160. Check the back out here.

ASOS Workwear Linen Tulip Dress

The above LWD (Little White Dress) would be perfect for a certain petite friend of mine! $51 here.

ASOS Cap Sleeve Jersey Empire Dress

The back to the above dress can be tied and in various colors! $37 here.

I love the shade of green and dresses in solids give you so many options. You could wear it alone or with the belt – immediately below or the jacket – below belt.

Above: Dress $29 from here, belt $7 from here, jacket $24 from here

Egyptian Betsy Dress by Motel**

An update to the classic LBD – funky, fun, flattering- this dress $70 from here. I love it paired with the below jacket, $27 from here.

Mango Embroidered Smock

Loving white dresses and I love the detailing at the neck of the above, $102 here. It would be stunning alone or with the belt below $5 here.

Flute One Shoulder DressFlattering one shoulder dress $90 from here.

Pretty Wrap Dress Feminine dress $90 from here.

Broderie Cup SundressTangerine sundress $70 from here.

Spot Bubble Sleeve Tea DressVintage looking dress $90 from here.

Look your best and feel your best at all times. xx

Dream Dress & all that goes with it.

I found the perfect dress. I want this dress and I want it now. Found here.

Now we just have to find the perfect shoes. Maybe these? Found here.

Christian Louboutin Prive Peep Toe shoes Gold

Or these? From here.

Christian Louboutin Hidden-Platform Pump pink

ooh perhaps these. Found here.

Christian Louboutin Terracotta Suede Very Prive Platforms

These might be the winners. Hypothetically. Found here.

Christian Louboutin Apricot Peep Toe Shoes

After I’ve spent $1000 on my outfit, let’s find some affordable jewelry.

Earrings from here. Ring from here.

Happy Friday, I hope you find your perfect outfit this weekend.