Classic Fashion Photos

As we all know, fashion trends live in a circular world. From I discovered a few of Tim Gunn’s favorite fashion photos. They are AMAZING.

Tim Gunn says: “If we were to take Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and marry her off to a European prince, then this is who she’d be. This image looks like a still from Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief: High-born, lacquered, bejeweled, in a strapless one-piece bathing suit in a rich textile, this society dame exudes pensive ambivalence over a champagne cocktail versus rum punch. Darling, which would you prefer?” via LIFE

This whole get-up is the embodiment of glamour to me, because she’s so put together.  I love her make-up, jewelry and turban for a day the beach. Girls just don’t do that anymore!

Tim Gunn says: “Silhouette, proportion, fit: This is my mantra for how to get your fashion right. This photograph could be my style barometer! The diverse shapes, proportions, and scales all demonstrate that fashion presents many options, so there’s surely one for you. And this image is so timely, because checks are back in fashion and in full force for fall!” via LIFE

The photo above tacked to my cubicle wall. While the clothes themselves are fabulous, I die over the usage of accessories. Note the gloves, hats and even the cane looks chic!

Tim Gunn says: “I laughed out loud at this image! This is a classic example of my mantra about the semiotics of clothes; that is, the clothes we wear send a message about how we’re perceived. Consider the context of this photograph: It’s 1959 and more and more women are entering the workforce. We need no words to explain what’s going on: The football-uniform size of the bolero and the ‘crown’ hat tell us that this woman is powerful; the stack of gold bracelets and the oversized pearl earrings tell us that she’s rich; and the rest of the details underscore her leadership — she sits alone at one end of the table (presumably the head) and speaks while men write. I’m rapt!” via LIFE

This picture speaks volumes to me. As a woman in the corporate world, I’m enraptured by the mere photo of a woman leading a conference in the ’50s. The essences is in the details: her hat, her long nails, her wedding ring, the men writing…the ash trays! What would Betty Draper say?

Enjoy & head over to LIFE to check out the full gallery.

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