Independence Day (Dress)

Stereo-typical, I know. But I couldn’t resist! RED, WHITE or BLUE for your holiday!


Paint the Town Red DressStrawberry Shortcake DressFree Flying DressElectric Coral Dress

(1) Anthro Compeer Dress $248 (2) ModCloth Paint the Town Red Dress $64 (3) ModCloth Strawberry Shortcake Dress $49 (4) Topshop Plain Bubble Sleeve Dress $80 (5) ModCloth Free Flying Dress $62 (6) ModCloth Electric Coral Dress $54


No One Can Take Your Lace DressSugar and Cream DressA Study in Contrasts DressBlush and Bashful DressWho's That Girl Dress

(1) Forever 21 Shoulder Dress $27 (2) ModCloth Lace Dress $89  (3) ModCloth Sugar & Cream Dress $79 (4) ModCloth A Study in Contrasts Dress $89 (5) ModCloth Blush and Bashfull Dress $99 (6) ModCloth Who’s that Girl Dress $84


Repeating Dream DressIn the Blue Light DressAegean Sea DressSweetheart to Sweetheart Dress

(1) Modcloth Dream Dress $84 (2) Forever21 Strapless Dress$24 (3) Anthro First Dance Dress $168 (4) ModCloth In the Blue Light Dress $79 (5) ModCloth Aegean Sea Dress $71 (6) ModCloth Sweetheart to Sweetheart Dress $57

Otherwise Festive & Fun

No Occasion Needed DressInto the Wildflowers DressYou Must Zip It DressCommunity Organizer DressRosie the Riveting Dress

(1) ModCloth No Occasion Needed Dress $107 (2) Anthro High Seas Dress $138 (3) ModCloth Into the Wildflowers Dress $49 (4) ModCloth You Must Zip It Dress $74 (5) ModCloth Community Organizer Dress $47 (6) ModCloth Rosie the Riveting Dress $69

Have a fabulous fourth!

*If you couldn’t tell, I’m completely obsessed with ModCloth! They have the CUTEST things for extremely reasonable prices. Thank you bestie Lauren Ortego for introducing me*

Getaway Glamour

I was immediately enchanted by this tiny cottage. Who wouldn’t be?  Sandra Foster turned a Catskills hunting cabin into the romantic Victorian cottage she had always wanted, using vintage columns, flooring and wavy glass windows, and doing the carpentry herself.

© Trevor Tondro for The New York Times
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For more photos go here.

Wonderful Weekend

Looking forward to a lovely weekend. We’re going to another wedding (in Memphis, this time) and I’m craving time at home but I’m looking forward to dressing up, dining out, dancing and cool, crisp air-conditioning.

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I got a romper yesterday! It’s the first one I’ve actually been able to purchase/wear. I’ve always loved the idea of a romper but have not been able to find the right fit. Thankfully, Target has given me an excuse to use the word “playsuit”.

Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Cambric Strapless Romper - Purple PlaidProduct Image Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Cambric Strapless Romper - Purple Plaid

Have a fabulous weekend!

Images: every second counts and Dreamingg.