Royal Wedding: Favorite Hats

Winner: Miriam Gonzalez

Runner-up: Frances Osborne

3rd place: Zara Phillips

Honorable Mention: Lady Frederick Windsor

images via The Cut & People

Fab & Fug Princesses

Of course, Kate looked stunning. She was a vision and I have no idea how she was able to keep her composure but the whole thing was so lovely. Yes. I was up at 4am.

However, I feel that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice need to be addressed. These pictures don’t even do justice to how truly fugly they both looked despite the chic hats.

The Princess

WORK THE CROWD photo | Kate Middleton

Ok…I have royal wedding fever just like everyone else. I’m not sure I’ll wake at 3am to watch Guiliana’s E coverage but I’m still excited. I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear!! Everyone waits with breath that is baited. I heard that everyone in the UK gets Thursday and Friday off, duh. Kate Middleton looks gorgeous – here are a few more shots of her for your viewing pleasure.

CARRY ON photo | Kate MiddletonTHAT'S A WRAP photo | Kate MiddletonRED, SET, GO!   photo | Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamWEDDING DATE   photo | Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamCLEAN SLATE photo | Kate MiddletonBREAKOUT STAR photo | Kate MiddletonWILLIAM & KATE   photo | Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamIN STEP    photo | Kate Middleton, Prince William

above photos via People

and one more to make us all jealous…

kate middleton bikini photo

via stylist

My Wedding Inspirations

Today is April 27th. That means our wedding is exactly four months away. I hyperventilated a bit when I realized. In honor of that and of the royal wedding (of course) I thought I’d share some of my wedding inspirations. If Kate Middleton forsakes Queen Victoria’s jewels for flowers in her hair I will never forgive her.

anything vintage or meaningful


a jewel-encrusted gown


a stunningly simple setting for the ceremony

Vogue Daily — Ana Meier and Daniel Creighton

shoes that sparkle


a ranunculus boutonnière

on a classic tux

Burberry Prorsum Single-Breasted Wool Tuxedo Jacket

sneaks at the reception

Pavilion Sneaks

all the girls in light, feminine hues


flowers in her hair

white wedding halo

honeymoons in far off places

a little new orleans flavor


all photos via The Window Shopper (wedding)

I Love Gallery Walls

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. I don’t believe that applies to art on the walls. When done right, a gallery wall can be spectacular. It can be done in any room, with or without a theme. It can cover a blank wall or a busy one, a small room or a large one…just make sure you’re happy when you walk in and don’t be afraid to take a few decorating chances.

via The Decorista



I am lucky enough to have a vanity. It’s a very special piece of furniture that was given to me by a dear friend of the family. It’s the essential piece for a lady that loves to get ready. That may not be every day but it does happen. I stumbled upon some gorgeous vanities on {this is glamorous}. I prefer the mirrored versions, you?


via {this is glamorous}, The Decorista

My sweet little vanity :)

The Palm Springs Getaway

I have not seen so much rain in a short time span as I’ve seen over the past week. I’m beginning to forget what the sun looked like. That is, until I saw this gorgeous photoshoot of a Palm Springs getaway.

Arthur Elgort photographed this editorial for Vogue UK March 05 featuring Julia Stegner via Dustjacket Attic