What I Wore: Blue Shift

what I wore: shift – vintage bonnie blair via grey dog, croc heels – gianni bini, earrings – kate spade

What I Wore: A Favorite Dress

what I wore: dress – a favorite find from grey dog, tights – target, heels & earrings – forever 21
I was so excited to find this dress at Grey Dog. I know the feather earrings might be out, in fact I was never really into the trend but these work so perfectly with the colors, it was a must. I love this sweet dress so much for it’s versatility. I’ve already worn it with boots and knee-high socks, now with tights and heels and I know I’ll pull it out in warmer weather with a strappy sandal.

What I Wore: Velvet & Taffeta

what I wore: dress – vintage via trendy mindy’s, tights – target, platforms – forever21, earrings – purchased in mexico, ring – family heirloom
Ooops Christmas came late. I just couldn’t help it with this. I felt a bit Samantha, the American Doll does Holiday in 1992 but whatever. Getting dressed is still about playing dress-up, is it not?

What I Wore: Suspenders

what I wore: blouse & suspenders – vintage from potter’s house, trousers – new york & co, croc heels – gianni bini (also seen here)
I was super into this ensemble until several employees of Forever21 told me they liked my outfit. While I obviously buy from there, I never want to look like the store threw up on me. My general consensus was to take the compliment and move along. Because, I have always found that graciously accepting a compliment is the best way to react. No one wants to hear you mouth off about how terrible you think you look because a) you either mean it or b) you don’t and both are sad.
Sorry…I’ve completely digressed. I’ve included a picture of my beautiful Bird. She turned 2 last week.

Dreaming of Outdoor Living

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There’s nothing like pinterest to remind us all what we want and haven’t got. In the depths of January, despite our warmer than normal temperatures, I can’t get my mind off summer and pools and dream backyards with green grass. Typical. On Friday afternoons, my mind often wanders to what my plans would look like if it were May-August…
Suffice it to say, pool time would be on the agenda. These are a few of my favorite outdoor living scenes. Follow me on pinterest for more: http://pinterest.com/paytonvail

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What I Wore: Muted

(what I wore: skirt & platforms -forever21, blouse – vintage, sunnies – target)
I hate to even think the words, much less type them because I’m afraid of jinxing it…but we’ve been having a mild winter. I hope I’m not cursed to endure below freezing temps now! I know it’s not over! That said, dressing for 30s-60s is so much easier and more fun than dressing for 10s-20s. You do need layering and coats but you can still dress in normal clothes instead of fleece-everything. One thing I love/hate about this skirt is it’s so long, it covers the 6 inch platforms I am wearing underneath, making me look uber tall. However, you do have to wear 6 inch platforms to make the skirt work.
I hope you have a wonderful (and perhaps warm?) weekend!

What I Wore: Little House

(what I wore: skirt & blouse – vintage from potter’s house, collar clip – grey dog, earrings – charm & chain, heels – forever21, belt – old navy)
This outfit felt a little Laura Ingalls Wilder when I put it together but I was in a hurry and I’d been jonesing to wear this skirt so I just went with it. However, now that I see it in photo-form, it might have surpassed prairie and moved all the way over to grand ole opry tryouts? I have to admit, I’m not a fan of country but I have been listening to some old-school Dolly Parton lately. Does Jolene count? I guess it does. Maybe she got in a little bit…
Anyway, is it too far?