What to Wear {Bikes Blues & BBQ}

OK. I know you planned to go out of town and miss all the biker business. But that fell through, didn’t it? A large part of you wants to stay holed up in your house and avoid the countless bikes/bikers altogether. But, you’ve been saving those pleather leggings for a special occasion, so — if you can’t beat them, why not join them?
I met my husband at BBBQ in 2008; and who’s to say Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now isn’t waiting on the steps of the walton arts center to buy you a chili dog and sweep you off your feet?
To me, this look says, I could really be going anywhere…but I just happened to grace the folks at BBBQ with my presence.

ootd - 220

shirt dress: thrifted
heels: vince camuto via Plato’s Closet Fayetteville
ootd - 226 ootd - 219
ootd - 221 ootd - 223 ootd - 216 ootd - 217 ootd - 218

What I Wore: Black & Gold

what I wore: dress – cynthia rowley, necklaces/earrings/bracelet – thrifted, rings – forever21, heels – miss me
Love this song black & gold by sam sparro — it goes with my outfit….

Happy Mardi Gras

Me on the right, 2007

Every year during carnival season, I wonder (more than usual) why I ever left New Orleans. The city is really so different than any other place in the country. Once you fall in love, you start a life-long affair with the place. Who couldn’t love a city that shuts down for a party?
So, although it’s just another Tuesday in Fayetteville, I’m wishing everyone a happy mardi gras! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Mardi Gras 2006

Love is all you need.

Today marks two months until the big day. Typically, that would seem like a long time to wait for anything, but in reference to our wedding it seems like mere minutes. I know it’s a while but I also know it will pass quickly and all of a sudden I’ll turn around and be walking down the aisle. This serves as a personal reminder to savor it and to stop eating ;)

On another note, I feel so privileged to be able to marry the person I love. It’s not a right that is afforded to everyone, although thankfully we are getting closer.

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Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Beyoncé covers W this month. While I don’t always love what she wears. I almost always love what she does. She has the ability to influence pop culture in a way that very few people/women do. Down at the bottom, she shared the seven looks that shaped her career.
Beyonce W mag cover July 2011Beyonce W mag cover July 2011Beyonce W mag cover July 2011Beyonce W mag cover July 2011Beyonce W mag cover July 2011Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Crazy in love
Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Deja Vu
Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Sasha Fierce Cover
Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Single Ladies
Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Why don’t you love me
Beyonce W mag cover July 2011
Run the world (Girls)

Beyonce W mag cover July 2011

via W Magazine

Music + Fashion

Kate Bosworth Coachella Style 2011

With summer upon us, music festival season has arrived! This year I won’t be going to any sleep away festivals (Wakarusa, I’ll miss you!) but I will be attending several concerts. Concerts and festivals are a great place to pull out (pull off) some of the stuff you love but consider too “out there” for daily wear. Case in point: feathers, onesies, boy shorts as pants, anything sheer, jewelry overload, headgear and bold color combos. The best places to find shop these looks would definitely be thrift stores. If you’re local, I recommend Grey Dog, Cheap Thrills, The Daisy Exchange & The Samaritan Shop. As I write this, I realize I should put together a list of local thrift stores so keep a look out for that in a future post.

You can see some of the most stylish people in their warm-weather bohemian best at these events. Let’s see how they do it…

Coachella Style - Elin King Coachella Style - Crop TopCoachella Style - Camilla Belle

Credits: GQ, Refinery29, Style.com