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Kate Bosworth Coachella Style 2011

With summer upon us, music festival season has arrived! This year I won’t be going to any sleep away festivals (Wakarusa, I’ll miss you!) but I will be attending several concerts. Concerts and festivals are a great place to pull out (pull off) some of the stuff you love but consider too “out there” for daily wear. Case in point: feathers, onesies, boy shorts as pants, anything sheer, jewelry overload, headgear and bold color combos. The best places to find shop these looks would definitely be thrift stores. If you’re local, I recommend Grey Dog, Cheap Thrills, The Daisy Exchange & The Samaritan Shop. As I write this, I realize I should put together a list of local thrift stores so keep a look out for that in a future post.

You can see some of the most stylish people in their warm-weather bohemian best at these events. Let’s see how they do it…

Coachella Style - Elin King Coachella Style - Crop TopCoachella Style - Camilla Belle

Credits: GQ, Refinery29,

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