Hello Again Weekend

Hoping it’s restful and fun…

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Violently Crushing on Violet

Violet is such a lovely hue and it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It’s not a shade that depends on a season. In the summer it  looks glamorous with crisp whites or soft and serene when mixed with taupe. In the winter, it brightens a room and can feel romantic when paired with smoky gray or dark plum. The color of grapes, lilacs, lavender, amethyst and of course violets…it’s a very beautiful anecdote when feeling blue.

Roberto Cavalli Amethyst cocktail ring

Whether You Lilac It or Not Dress

Isharya Moon Bali 18-karat gold-plated amethyst earrings


I’m dying for the peep-toe platforms.

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Running on Empty + Barcart Bliss

Between packing, moving, lease-signing and dieting as well as packing/moving boyfriend. I’ve managed to fit in my real job, a little daydreaming and the sporadic wish-list update for the new place. Last night, after I stripped my entire bathroom down, organized and filled two tall kitchen bags with trash…I was beat. Unfortunately, my mind didn’t exactly follow suite. I got about two hours of sleep (and a 3am bath). Needless to say, my wagon is dragging. But it’s still a super exciting time and the weekend is swiftly approaching.

PS: I got my dream bar cart yesterday at a lovely vintage mall that I’ve never been into before (why?). It’s called The Flying Dog and they have some really interesting and fun things. Umm bar cart was $35, I felt like I was robbing them! I also got a vintage cream croc clutch for $5. Below – the bar cart – in all it’s glory (in the store). It’s black, it has wheels and it folds.

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