Playing Catch-Up

It’s the beginning of another new week! Mondays almost always make me feel helpless, like I’ve got so much to do and haven’t accomplished as much as I expected. By Friday, this feeling fades into the very back and is replaced by excitement and whimsy.

This week, I really do have a lot to do to prepare for vacation (yay!!!!) starting Sunday. Emails to write, projects to wrap up, plans to make, packing to do. I hope your week is starting nicely.

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The Week’s End

I love, love, love this photo. It’s been a rough week, don’t we all deserve a weekend? The weather should be beautiful and even though it’s hot, it’s still Summer! I have a friend’s birthday to celebrate, dinners to go to, a house to fix up and plenty of New Orleans music to listen to as Sunday is the 5th anniversary of Katrina. It’s hard to believe! I flew out on the very last flight. The Saints were on my plane…

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with at least a little celebration.

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Image Credits: one, two, three

Getting Chills

Ice Tray (I really need one and cannot find one anywhere!)

There was finally a slight chill in the air this morning when I left for work! So, I’m getting chills thinking about the delights of Autumn while trying to ignore the inevitable disappointments like earlier sunsets, frigid cold and…Winter. Plus, Shop-o-matic (by NYMag) has released a 100 Reasons to Get Excited for Fall edition.  Of course I have some favorites. Find all of them here.

I can always use another wine stopper…

Decanter and sipping glasses for cold nights by the fire

I <3 Cheese

As I said here, I’m digging skinny cargo trend, the above are from Old Navy

The must-have accessory for dance parties: iPhone speakers

Lovely little dress from H&M

$72 cut-out dress from Fred Flare. I. Want. It.

Suede Stillettos. Mmmmm.

Gargoyle rings!

Chambray shirt. I have a vintage work shirt that I can’t wait to bust out.

Dish drainer. For those that don’t have a dishwasher, like me.

Biker leggings. Umm. I must say I dig on these. This version is by Tory Burch and is above my current price point for pants I will only occasionally wear…but I will be looking for knock-offs…oh yes, I will.

Sauce pot. Getting hungry now. “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah” is for some reason playing in my head…

Tall boot by Cole Haan, again out of my price point but I am equally excited to wear my less expensive, less chic tall boots.

I’m dying over this fuschia sofa from Ikea. Sooo delicious! And only $200 more than the Cole Haan boots!

Leopard scarf. I’m in.

Detachable Ruffle Collar. Actually detachable collars in general. I will be in search.

As previously stated here, I’m a bootie-hound!

Shearling jacket. Or in my case faux-shearling jacket.