A Brief (Wedding) Hiatus

Friends & Readers, the day approaches.
I’m getting married on Saturday and will be away from blogging until September 12th. I hope you’ll come back and visit me then. I appreciate all of the people I’ve met, reconnected with and encountered through this blog. I hope there are many more good times to come.

What I Wore: Complimentary Colors

(what i wore: blouse – vintage from potter’s house, skirt – banana republic, pumps – michael antonio, jewels – gifts & vintage) HAIR BY JENNI ASHFORD OF ULTRA SALON :)
I love wearing blue & navy or  pink & red (as in this case) together. I think it adds depth to an otherwise simple outfit. Do you feel the same?

True Words

“Lunch usually involves a glass a wine, one or two desserts that everyone shares, no need for an appetizer but stuffing your face full of half the bread on the table is kind of totally ok. Finish with a coffee and twelve cigarettes, saying that no, it’s no good, but so much fun.” Garance Dore on lunch
 It reminds me of our honeymoon already!

images via pinterest

What I Wore: The Blues

(what i wore: dress – vintage from cheap thrills, heels – bakers, brooch – vintage, earrings – birthday gift)
Yesterday I wore one of  those dresses that make you almost giddy and you kindof wish you could wear it everyday. I call them “cartoon dresses” because they become contenders for what you would want to be wearing if you were animated and forced by the confines of some illustrated sitcom to wear the same thing everyday (sorry if I sound a little crazy, I’m getting married in 10 days!).
I love it so much but it is vintage and slightly fragile so shapewear must be worn in the event that a button flies, the last thing I need is a boob slip at work…

What I Wore: 70’s Inspired

(what i wore: trousers – new york & co, blouse – vintage from potter’s house, belt – vintage from the grey dog, rings – forever21, earrings – a birthday gift from my soon to be husband)
Yesterday I wore these cream high waist pants with an ivory blouse. I love this look because it’s sophisticated but still shows off curves. 

Big Day Beauty

I hadn’t thought much about it until recently, but how do I want my makeup for the wedding? I want to look like myself – just enhanced but I also want to look fab in pictures. Do you go for understated or statement? I need your help, sweet readers and friends! I won’t share my dress but I will say that it’s white, it’s not strapless and I’m wearing flowers in my hair with minimal jewelry and the hair back. Let me know what you think is most appropriate! Here I am as a point of reference ;)

1. This first picture below is the look I’m leaning toward: defined brows, winged liner, pretty lashes and a peach lip. What do you think? Do you like the slight cat eye?
2. More shadow, less lip…
3. You could go a little farther with the eyeliner for this…
4. Golder shadow and a paler lip…
5. More shadow, more makeup. I love this look but is it overly sexy?
6. A lot more shadow and liner – verging on costume vs wedding…
7. Lots of lip, lots of liner, less of everything else
8. More shadow, less liner…
9. Less liner, more lip…
10. Very Natural…
Beauty visuals via pinterest (aren’t you obsessed with pinterest?)


Happy (Birthday) Weekend

My birthday is Sunday. It’s a considerably more low key milestone this year in light of the HUGE event that’s happening in two weeks. I am in disbelief as I sit here writing “in two weeks”. I’ve been planning this wedding excitedly but also somewhere in the back of my mind thinking it would never come to fruition – sortof like my 16th & 21st birthdays or college graduation. And yet, it swiftly approaches and I’m starting to have freak outs about how many loved ones I get to see & celebrate with.

So, I’m hoping for a chill weekend. My almost-husband is taking me to dinner tonight. We’re going to the pool tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll throw in some thank-you note writing.

Fondly wishing you a very pleasing August weekend.
Images via Pinterest

What I Wore: Bun + Shift

 (what i wore: shift – asos, heels – bcbg, – cuff/ring/earrings – unknown, ha)

I loved the outfit I wore yesterday. I really felt feminine and ladylike.  This is the kind of look I prefer: a shift, a huge bun, strappy shoes. I was extremely proud of my bun. Would you believe I didn’t know how to tease it this time last year? I have to share that I sent a pic of my hair to Erika Bearman (OscarPRGirl) and she tweeted back “it’s major” totally made my day…