A Brief (Wedding) Hiatus

Friends & Readers, the day approaches.
I’m getting married on Saturday and will be away from blogging until September 12th. I hope you’ll come back and visit me then. I appreciate all of the people I’ve met, reconnected with and encountered through this blog. I hope there are many more good times to come.

3 thoughts on “A Brief (Wedding) Hiatus

  1. McCall says:

    From the bottom (and top and every inch between the top and bottom) of my heart–I am so so so excited for you Payton. I hope it is the most wonderful day for you. Have fun, soak in each precious moment of that day, and then thoroughly enjoy your honeymoon! I can’t wait to see pictures of you in all of your beautiful glory and of your Italian Honeymoon! Hooray for marriage! Love you!

  2. Mom says:

    What a joy you have been to me…your entire life! And now, what and honor to be with you and Robert…(and ALL those that love you both so much)….to celebrate and observe your commitment to each other..forever! I could not have picked a more perfect partner for you than Robert…and I know Laurie feels the same about you.
    What a day it will be! May all your dreams come true..

    You are my beloved and beautiful Payton…


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