Who is The Window Shopper?

My name is Payton Bridewell and I’m The Window Shopper. I am a social marketer and a fashion enthusiast. I have passion for local development and community collaboration. I’ve worked with all kinds of small businesses including boutiques, restaurants, realtors, non-profits, event planners and local celebrities. In October of 2013, I decided to take The Window Shopper to a new place. You can hire me to help your small business or brand with anything social.
Click to view my current & past projects.
I can help with:

Social Media Management
Social Strategy
Blogging/Ghost Blogging
Event Hosting
PR & More

Want to chat or collaborate?

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The Window Shopper is “eloquent, strikingly beautiful and dressed to-not-impress. She is a person who bravely experiments with fashion.” – Citiscapes Metro Magazine, March 2013

“Payton is an example of how fashion should be; all personal, all fun, and all inspiring. She exemplifies the girl’s dream of wearing exactly what they want and when they want, and wearing it with that confident edge.” – Hello Luvvy.com

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