Stylish Pairs

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I love to see a good looking couple. I always tell the other half of my couple that we need to look like we are going to the same place. That doesn’t mean we must coordinate or even compliment. It’s just a succinct way to remember if we’re going to a cocktail party, I shouldn’t look like I’m headed to the opera and he shouldn’t look like he’s going to a baseball game. We’re going to the same place, no matter where that is. Here are some good examples from my pinterest board of the same name.
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Olivia Palermo and her beau seem to do an exemplary job of this…
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And here’s one me & the other member of my stylish pair

Honeymoon Edition: Roma

Rome was our last destination and I must admit we were really tired by the time we arrived. But, we couldn’t go to Italy without experiencing some history! Above we are on the train from Naples to Rome.
Eating in an outdoor cafe

The view from our hotel’s rooftop balcony

Sightseeing around the city

A hilarious oops

Ro was the tallest man for miles until we met a couple from Holland. The guy was easily 7’1″
I gained 7lbs in pizza ALONE

Below in Campo di Fiori, which is a great place for nightlife and used to be a spot for beheadings!
I can’t believe it’s over! Definitely the trip of a lifetime!

(WHAT I WORE: red/black dress – maude shoppe, sandals – impressions, black front snap bra – vintage, just married necklace – kate spade / blue dress – vintage, sneakers – converse/ white tank – old navy, skirt – american apparel/ jeans – seven, linen button down borrowed from ro – banana republic, sunglasses – vintage ray ban)

A Brief (Wedding) Hiatus

Friends & Readers, the day approaches.
I’m getting married on Saturday and will be away from blogging until September 12th. I hope you’ll come back and visit me then. I appreciate all of the people I’ve met, reconnected with and encountered through this blog. I hope there are many more good times to come.


I’m slightly freaking out. Our wedding is officially one month away! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed. I AM. I had no idea how many details there would be. But, I have to say I am more ecstatic than I am stressed. Granted things will go wrong, but I get to be with the sweetest guy I’ve ever met, everyone I love is coming to celebrate and then it’s off to the beach. What could be better?