What I Wore: Muted

(what I wore: skirt & platforms -forever21, blouse – vintage, sunnies – target)
I hate to even think the words, much less type them because I’m afraid of jinxing it…but we’ve been having a mild winter. I hope I’m not cursed to endure below freezing temps now! I know it’s not over! That said, dressing for 30s-60s is so much easier and more fun than dressing for 10s-20s. You do need layering and coats but you can still dress in normal clothes instead of fleece-everything. One thing I love/hate about this skirt is it’s so long, it covers the 6 inch platforms I am wearing underneath, making me look uber tall. However, you do have to wear 6 inch platforms to make the skirt work.
I hope you have a wonderful (and perhaps warm?) weekend!

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