Fresh Accessories

As you can tell from this post, I love hair accessories. Hats, headbands, pins, wraps and especially flowers. I continue to wear them less than I intend to but I’ve vowed to change that this summer. Elements of Style posted yesterday about EmersonMade – They’re an adorable young couple that fled Manhattan for the most adorable farm, complete with geese. He helps her (Emerson) handcraft beautiful blossoms that can be pinned on labels, belts, in hair, placed in bouquets, arranged on the table or hung for a party. There is a wide variety of colors/sizes available and they are reasonably priced when you keep in mind they literally have each petal pieced together by hand. Here are some of their floral creations in their home.


If you weren’t already wanting to trade your husband in for hers, you’ll die when you see that they both model their creations. And he still looks manly and adorable while doing so. I tend to think my bf would look just as romantic with a flower on his label…but we’ve still got to work on that.


I have to interrupt because this is my favorite flower –The big poppy (I WANT IT)


And this is so so so so adorable. It’s obvious that he supports her ambition…and looks good while doing it!


Here are a few more of them. IMG_2176-8IMG_0671IMG_3051IMG_9839gardenman3

Check out emersonmade if for nothing else but to GUSH!.

I was so excited yesterday after reading about this gorgeous family and business and flowers I went out and bought these from Forever21. They were $6.80!

I instantly felt better and am planning to gently inspire Robert to rock a look like this

Jack Lapel Pins Collection of 6

Or this

Little Linen Dandy!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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