Digital Magazines: Best Idea EVER!

I recently discovered Lonny Magazine, it’s an online-only home decor magazine with amazing finds and a keen eye for style. My favorite part is the instant click of images leading you directly to a site to where you can buy!

Vanity Fair did a piece on this lovely digi-mag in the December 2009 issue:

Here are some photos from the Oh Joy! Blog Lonny-magazine1Lonny-magazine2

One of my favorite articles comes from issue 3 and features a computer table fashioned into a lucite vanity. Sara Gilbane has her perfume/jewelry a top the clear table and her favorite shoes stored below. The whole thing is like a gorgeous work of art. What tops it off is the vintage-ish, oversize square mirror with personal photographs tucked in.

See what this simple (drab) computer table can turn into! The Lucite vanity is gorgeous but the magazine as a whole is SO worth a look :)

Literally… you can click on all the things you like and will be directed to where you can purchase them. SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA!

I also found this gorgeous mirror for $99  from that would be perfect atop the vanity, don’t you think?

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