9-10 mos

In the past few years, I’ve noticed that just because you’re pregnant (disclaimer: I am not, nor do I want to be) doesn’t mean you have to let yourself or your style go. Empire waisted tops and frocks are always in and they are perfect for the earliest stages of mommyhood. My own mom said she loved being prego with me because she was at her largest in the summer (I’m an August baby) and she wore mumus, flats and a primo tan the entire time.

Inspired by beautiful mommies everywhere, I wanted to point a few friends in the right direction for spring/summer dresses that translate into chic maternity-wear. I’m dying for all of these dresses and none of them are actually “maternity” so everyone can enjoy them!

Casual Knot Back Dress

The sleeveless gray sheath above is perfect for belting wherever you like. $65 topshop

Abstract Floral Smock Dress

The floral dress above  is so fun and girly, you could wear it as is or with the below belt.

Dress $90, from here, belt $8 from here.

Backless Dress By Boutique

The above LBD is backless and the waist is perfect for my fave look: modest/sexy $160. Check the back out here.

ASOS Workwear Linen Tulip Dress

The above LWD (Little White Dress) would be perfect for a certain petite friend of mine! $51 here.

ASOS Cap Sleeve Jersey Empire Dress

The back to the above dress can be tied and in various colors! $37 here.

I love the shade of green and dresses in solids give you so many options. You could wear it alone or with the belt – immediately below or the jacket – below belt.

Above: Dress $29 from here, belt $7 from here, jacket $24 from here

Egyptian Betsy Dress by Motel**

An update to the classic LBD – funky, fun, flattering- this dress $70 from here. I love it paired with the below jacket, $27 from here.

Mango Embroidered Smock

Loving white dresses and I love the detailing at the neck of the above, $102 here. It would be stunning alone or with the belt below $5 here.

Flute One Shoulder DressFlattering one shoulder dress $90 from here.

Pretty Wrap Dress Feminine dress $90 from here.

Broderie Cup SundressTangerine sundress $70 from here.

Spot Bubble Sleeve Tea DressVintage looking dress $90 from here.

Look your best and feel your best at all times. xx

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