Why put your future in jeopardy when buying jewelry?

Sometimes even the least self-serving girl makes demands about engagement rings that she would in no other instance. Small house, old car, discount shoes, thrift-shop duds, forever21 baubles…None of these matter as long as the sparkle on our left ring finger results in the periodic blindness of those around us.

On the the other hand, the poor blokes who love and adore us and want to please us to the point of ecstasy don’t necessarily have $30k set aside, and if they do, it’s probably not filed under “the love of my life’s engagement ring fund” (we can only dream) and say they do have a nest egg already, wouldn’t we rather it go toward our dream house?

Case in point. This is one of my (Fayetteville) dream homes, I qualify because I have many around town (the country…the world!)

And this is my dream ring:

Both make me swoon. Why would a besotted young lady in love want to sacrifice one for the other? My answer is two-fold. We should and yet we don’t have to. We forgo blinding everyone in our office/circle of friends/random party for now.  Let me explain! The ring above is and will always be my dream. Must I realize my most precious of dreams NOW at 24? I think not.

A while back I posted here about beautiful dream rings but ladies, I have other ideas. Women seem to be marrying younger and younger and the state of our U.S. economy is getting scarier and scarier. Why don’t we wait on our dream ring? Instead of our beaus taking 10 years to save for what “we” want or taking out a loan he doesn’t need, let’s compromise.

My proposal: Find a gorgeous cocktail ring you know you’ll love forever and wear that until you (or hubby) strike it rich and can provide you with what your heart desires. Keep pictures, most jewelers worth their snuff can re-create for you.

Here are some of my faves under $5K

$4500European Diamond Engagement Ring

$4600Art Deco Engagement Ring

$3500Art Deco Engagement Ring

$4500Art Deco Engagement Ring

$26002.30ct Aquamarine Engagement Ring

$2400 Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring

$48000.74ct F/SI Marquise Diamond Ring

$1900Art Deco Ruby Engagement Ring

$39000.59ct G/VS Diamond Engagement Ring

$50001.27ct Old Mine-cut Diamond Ring

All of the above found at FayCullen

$795Main View 1 $895Main View 1

$895Main View 1$12501209862915_30-1-1517.jpg

$1450Estate-Mikimoto-Pearl-Cluster-Ring-Main-View $16501209862963_30-1-1926.jpg

$1750 Main View 1 $1750 Angel Skin Coral   Emerald Ring Main View

$1750Art Deco Star Sapphire Solitaire Main View 1$2250 Main View 1

$2250Aquamarine   Seed Pearl Filigree Ring Main View $2450 30 1 1830 Main View

$2650 1209862971_30-1-854.jpg $2650 1209862976_30-15-284.jpg

$2700 Main View 1$2750 1209862985_30-3-1634.jpg

$2750 Main View I LOVE this one $2750 1209862924_30-1-1585.jpg

$2850 – I die 1209862973_30-1-918.jpg $3250 1209862894_30-1-1331.jpg

I <3 $3250 Chysoberyl Cats Eye and Diamond Ring Main View$33501209862987_30-3-1753.jpg

$3350 1209862989_30-3-666.jpg $3450 1209862600_10-1-1386.jpg

I do – $3850 Apple Jade Diamond Cocktail Ring Main View I do – $3950 Antique Sapphire and Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring Main View

$4250 Main View 1 I do $4750 Main View 1

And these below are the winners! All $750

1209862950_30-1-1788.jpg Modern Ballerina Style Diamond and Emerald Ring Main View 1209862924_30-1-1581.jpg 1209862677_10-1-1962.jpg

Main View

Above images from Lang Antiques

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