The Weekend Style & Memories

I love the weekend because I can dress however I want. I can stay in oversize pj pants, driving moccasins and hoodies or I can dash about in a cocktail dress (whether the occasion calls or not). This weekend, I plan to do a bit of both. Tonight: cocktail attire for a charity party; Tomorrow: pjs & mocs; Tomorrow Evening: I may have to bust out my leather leggings in honor of Bikes, Blues and Barbecue. They helped me snag my sweetheart two years ago this weekend, after all…


You never know what the weekend holds!

Image Credits: one, two, three, four, five, six – dance party the night I met my beau

Rolling into Spring

I’ve always loved riding a bicycle. I must admit that I was a late bloomer when it came to riding on two wheels. I believe I was 8 when I finally learned. With that said, I’ve never been amazing on the bike but I love the idea of saving car rides and riding to the gas station in a sundress and wedges. While in college, my favorite pink bike got stolen. It was an incredibly sad day because I did not live especially close to campus and had to walk. No fun. Around two weeks later, I saw a large man riding my bike down MY STREET. It was a pink huffy with a padded seat, suffice it to say, I knew it was mine. He gave it back, which sent me into a tizzy of tears. It was stolen again 3 weeks later – hey – it was New Orleans. Love that city but it’s not so safe for bikes. It looked a lot like the one below. Man, I miss that bike.

This morning, Daily Candy informed me of these adorable new customizable bikes from VillyCustoms. DC says “Head to the nifty site and start by choosing one of the four styles. Then pick a frame color (options range from pastel pink to cobalt blue to bright orange). Reckless cyclers should probably opt for fenders. But the fun doesn’t end there. Seriously trick out your bike with accessories: basket, cupholder, handlebar grips, chains, seat cover, bell, rear rack, all in the snazzy hues of your choosing. Such awesomeness comes with a surprisingly reasonable price tag starting at $269.”villy custom!

I’m gonna go ahead and need a basket for my weiner dog.

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