The Princess Dress

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This dress is slightly disney princess on crack. I realize this. AND it’s less intense than it once was – belive it or not! I chopped it! It was full length, you guys. However, it was perfection for my birthday. It felt like the quintessential celebratory frock.
dress – thrifted
sunnies – vintage
heels – Seychelles via Maude Boutique

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Happy (Birthday) Weekend

My birthday is Sunday. It’s a considerably more low key milestone this year in light of the HUGE event that’s happening in two weeks. I am in disbelief as I sit here writing “in two weeks”. I’ve been planning this wedding excitedly but also somewhere in the back of my mind thinking it would never come to fruition – sortof like my 16th & 21st birthdays or college graduation. And yet, it swiftly approaches and I’m starting to have freak outs about how many loved ones I get to see & celebrate with.

So, I’m hoping for a chill weekend. My almost-husband is taking me to dinner tonight. We’re going to the pool tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll throw in some thank-you note writing.

Fondly wishing you a very pleasing August weekend.
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Birthday Party


It’s Ro’s birthday and I’m throwing a little soiree for him. I love birthdays, really I love any occasion to celebrate…there will be high heels and champagne. Hopefully I can coax some dancing out of him…


This dress from ModCloth would be the perfect party-hostess-dress, don’t you think?

Gold Dust Gal DressGold Dust Gal Dress


Can anyone else not get over Teenage Dream from Glee? I’m not a Katy Perry fan but damn! I cannot get the song out of my head. Go here if you haven’t seen it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Images from Inspiration boards and weheartit

The first day of the weekend

Hello there. Doesn’t Thursday always feel like the beginning of the weekend? No matter how much you must accomplish before Friday evening, when it officially commences? It’s always a wash of relief to wake up and know it’s Thursday. There are four full days before Monday comes round again.

This weekend is particularly exciting for me because Saturday is my birthday. It’s always lovely when your birthday falls on the weekend, particularly Saturday. You can compel your friends and loved ones to celebrate Thurs. night straight through Sunday morning. That’s what I plan to do…per usual. I still get very excited about birthdays. What’s not to love about an occasion to celebrate, where everyone you care about feels obliged to make you feel special?

Fortunately, I already feel special. Hope you do too…on your birthday and always.

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It’s the beginning of the month and the week for all of us. It’s the beginning of a new house and a new year for me. Sometimes that can feel tiresome and old-hat but hopefully it is refreshing and¬†exhilarating. For my 25th birthday, I gave myself a diet as a present. It wasn’t exactly fun getting here (no processed foods, no drinking, no starches/sugars) but I’m reaping the benefits now (rediscovering my closet/cheekbones). I hope to take the past four weeks of restricted eating into consideration as the diet ends. My goal is to appreciate food more, to spend time discovering recipes, spices, cooking, chewing, smelling and savoring. As much as I’d love to dive into a stack of pancakes and devour a pizza, I’m really craving things like eggs,¬†avocados and cheese. Hopefully the beach in a month will keep my motivation up!

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