grey dog window shop

On May 4th (if you’re local) you will be able to shop my collection of clothes, shoes, hats, jewels and accessories. I am doing a SERIOUS edit.
The sale will be at Grey Dog 724 N. College, Fayetteville AR from 11-6. Of course, I will be there to share stories/style recommendations or possibly just chilling and drinking! We’ll see how this goes and I may do more. Hopefully online – so some of you interested but far away parties can get in on it! —> the facebook event
Click on the photo below to see the preview  album or check out the possibilities from past outfits. I  will be posting more items as the date draws near. xo

grey dog ootd

above photo by the lovely Mallory Berry5

Home (Dreams & Musings)

Jan/Feb 2010

I’m house-hunting again. Robert and I are trying to find a place for June 1 and I’m getting antsy. I’m hoping for a big backyard, a front porch, a cozy kitchen and lots of closet space. We’ll see what we end up with. Here are some (dream) spaces I’m loving…I’m trying to keep in mind I’ll be living with a boy. It should be interesting. All images via decor supersite Lonny. What are some of your favorite sites for decor inspiration?


Mar/Apr 2011Dec 2010

Jun/Jul 2010






In my dressing room

As I’ve posted, I’m moving. It seems very far away (I haven’t packed) but it is actually fast approaching (two weeks). I found a sweet little bungalow in the downtown area of Fayetteville. It has a backyard and a porch swing and original wood floors. It’s rather small – the kitchen, the bathroom, the closets – but it will be just me living there with my puppies and visitors of course. Still, small bathroom & closet? What’s a fashion-conscious, jewelry-collecting, shoe-hoarder supposed to do? Light at the end of the tunnel: There is a second bedroom! I, without any hesitation, decided to make that room my dressing room. Aren’t those a lovely couple of words? It’s a small room, mind you, but I plan to make it as girly and artsy and feminine as possible. Can’t wait to post pics! For now, some inspiration…

dressingroom012109.jpgdressing room by california closetsstylish dressing room with a neat dream closet by ikea