Bundle Up

Winter seems to have arrived and while we haven’t gotten snow yet, everyone is bundled up. I love these two images from The Sartorialist of very chic girls in very chic coats.

When People Stare…Just Smile

I am someone who tries (but does not always succeed) to be fashion-forward, I try outfits that I consider to be chic. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t but it’s the thought that counts, in my opinion. That’s how you develop your sense of style – by trying new things and standing out. Not everyone appreciates this. Some people will stare or laugh or point but that’s usually because they’re dressed in crocs and do not want or try to understand fashion. I appreciate all those that take pride in the way they look and I realize that most of us (myself included) cannot do it every day. If you are discovering your style and dress against the norm, just smile at those that look at you like you’re crazy. A smile is prettier than a frown anyway. xx


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Fall Colors

She makes it look so easy! I’m having some trouble transitioning from Summer to Autumn (as said here). I love boots and coats but am not ready for trousers! I’m also realizing my dress collection feels too summery to be worn with tights. But I’m inspired, nonetheless. I hope you are too. Still on the hunt for affordable over-the-knee boots.

Valeria Garcia by Arthur Elgort, Glamour 08 via the always inspirational DustJacket Attic