Taking the Pixie Plunge

I have always, always wanted to chop ALL my hair off. I have never come close to actually doing it but it remains in my list of things I ‘have to do’. So who’s transformation is the best? I’m a big fan of Michelle Williams’ short hair but not quite as short as below. Et tu?

via The Cut

Pretty Young Thing

She is quite lovely to look at, no? Elle Fanning is about to take Hollywood by storm at the tender age of 13. There are few girls blessed with this sort of beauty in junior high school, but I believe she is one. I love her look, both in these editorials and on the red carpet. I think both she and her sister, Dakota, have long careers ahead of them.



Elle Fanning in Marie Claire July 2011 via Young Celebs and Interview Magazine December/January 2010/2011 via