I’m finally back to posting after the wedding/honeymoon extravaganza! I wanted to share a few pictures and will hopefully have much more soon!

The rehearsal dinner

The Wedding!

Our first meal on the wedding day: chili dogs

In Roma


Wedding Hair

My wedding day approaches. What to do with a mass of hair on the big day? I’ve had long hair forever and I want to make good use of it for my wedding. What do you like?
A sleek bun
An easy twist
Half up

With a flower
A wreath
A chignon
A beautiful mess
Down & Natural
All the way up

via Pinterest

My Wedding Inspirations

Today is April 27th. That means our wedding is exactly four months away. I hyperventilated a bit when I realized. In honor of that and of the royal wedding (of course) I thought I’d share some of my wedding inspirations. If Kate Middleton forsakes Queen Victoria’s jewels for flowers in her hair I will never forgive her.

anything vintage or meaningful


a jewel-encrusted gown


a stunningly simple setting for the ceremony

Vogue Daily — Ana Meier and Daniel Creighton

shoes that sparkle


a ranunculus boutonnière

on a classic tux

Burberry Prorsum Single-Breasted Wool Tuxedo Jacket

sneaks at the reception

Pavilion Sneaks

all the girls in light, feminine hues


flowers in her hair

white wedding halo

honeymoons in far off places

a little new orleans flavor


all photos via The Window Shopper (wedding)