Love it or Hate it: The Ballerina Bun

I noticed today that J. Mo was getting a LOT of flack about her ballerina bun. Everyone from stylist to the fug girls have something negative to say. And it’s not just about her. They are attacking the very bun itself! For shame! Do people really hate the ballerina bun? It’s one of my favorite looks ever….have I been shamelessly touting a faux pas? I almost refuse to believe that everyone hates it so much. How about you?
Even on Jennifer, I think the bun is darling. Her makeup may be a tad overdone for the big hair but that’s a very minor critique.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop flying my flag for the big ole bun. Hope that’s ok with you…

What I Wore: Lazy

(what i wore: oxford – polo, black skinny jeans – lee, sneakers – forever21, easiest hair ever from here)
Friends, I’m in a rut. The coldish/rainy weather is not getting my creative juices flowing in the form of outfits! I’ll try to pull something fun out of my hat soon.

Easy Summer Updo

One of my very favorite things about having long hair is that I can tie it in a knot. While this does not always look chic, it is always easy and effective. This style technique looks best when you’re bronzed and your hair is wet. Bronzed skin being the key to it’s appeal…

Start with damp hair. Apply Bumble’s Straight to damp hair to give it that extra wet look, then add gel for hold. Create a side part or brush your hair straight back. Then, using just your fingers, pull the hair back into a ponytail and twist into a chignon. Secure with bobby-pins.

Modified from Refinery29

My Outfit + Go-To Hair

Dress: Vintage, Sweater: BCBG, Pumps: Jessica Simpson, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Earrings: White’s Jewelry

Lately I have been totally into the high bun. It has always intimidated me a bit because I don’t like to rat my hair. But once I figured out how to do it, I can’t stop! It’s so easy and it can prolong a hair wash for 2-3 days! It also turns any outfit from humdrum to posh. The best tutorial I’ve found is from Beth Jones (here). Do you like these outfit posts or are they annoying?

Photos by mom, Carolyn Long :)

Top Knot Tutorial

Lately I have been really into topknots, buns, chignons (a la @OscarPRGirl below) and have been looking around for relevant instructions. The easiest way I’ve found is to either use a hair piece or place a clip around your pony tail and wrap the hair around that to make it fatter. I still haven’t grasped the whole teasing concept.

I’ve found two helpful instructions for you (and me). From Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere here and below from NWA’s own Anna of TulipLouise and StyleBy.Me.

I’m hoping to add my own eventually!