What I Wore: Top Hat

what I wore: pants – asos, blouse – la blouse from potter’s house, purple blazer – vintage arpeja (seen here), heels – jeffrey cambell via solestruck, hat – cheap thrills, earrings – vintage from mae’s, makeup – mollie booth, photos – mallory berry

What I Wore: Eggshell & Ecru

what I wore: dress & hat – no label vintage from cheap thrills, hat belt – grey dog, heels – 9 west, necklace – vintage from mae’s, earrings – kate spade, makeup – mollie booth, photos by mallory berry, styling by the window shopper

I love, love, love this combo of eggshell and ecru that feels very ladylike and 50s.

The WORST of the Derby hats

If you read this blog often, you know I have an affinity for hats. I love hats and next to the royal wedding, the Kentucky Derby is the mecca of big hats. However, I only spotted B-list celebs and only one hit the mark.


I honestly can’t believe people are a) still inviting KG to parties or b) people are still photographing her or c) websites are still publishing her photos.

Maria – I like your fascinator but the whole look is too much. It’s not the royal wedding, sis.

Oh no…Miranda Lambert – everything you have on looks like it came from a clearance rack at the buckle. I could have allowed it if you had worn cute heels, but the boots – ick!

Aubrey O’Day – not as bad as you could have been, I’ll give you that…

Oh, spoke too soon!  Aubs did a lil outfit change! Oh my…

Kentucky Derby Shenanigans: Aubrey O'Day

Erin Andrews, this is just foul. That hat I could deal with…maybe paired with a LBD? But the pants? Girl you are thin! These make you look like Kirstie Alley! And the shoes…there is NO EXCUSE.

Kentucky Derby Shenanigans: Erin Andrews

Salt & Pepa….

Vicki Gunvalson, if Miranda L. got her “getup” at the Buckle, you got yours at Target.

Jordin Sparks, I don’t so much have beef with your hat as I do your leggings. WTF. It is the derby.


There really was a lack of appropriately dressed peeps at this shindig. In fact I saw 2 that I appreciated. One was  Marisa Miller. First of all, it’s really hard to look bad with that body. Secondly, although I don’t particularly love the monochromatic look in beige, I do like her Great Gatsby-ish, 1920’s take on Derby Day.

Well done, Kate Walsh

Kentucky Derby Shenanigans: Kate Walsh

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