What I Wore: Beat the Heat

what I wore: pants – old navy, heels – FRH via tj maxx (see here), blouse & necklace- vintage, bracelet – a gift

When the temperature is over 100 there’s really not much I want to wear. I want to be a cool as possible. The best way I’ve found to do that is a) not get dressed or b) wear white. Since not getting dressed for work is typically frowned upon, white was the answer.

Happy Summer!

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 9.44.59 PM

I’ve spent the past six months wishing for summer and now I can’t believe it’s here. I love everything about it: the sun, the heat, the late nights, balmy weather, pool time, flimsy dresses, tan lines, fresh fruit…This one is especially special – it’s the summer of love.


Stacey Brandford Photograph

Have a terrifically lovely summer weekend. Click pictures for sourcing.