M is for Monogram

While I do have a few preppy tendencies, I wouldn’t consider myself or my style “preppy”. Why then am I tempted (attempting) to monogram everything from beer glasses to bed sheets?

Monogrammed DuraClear® Pitcher, Triple Initial

I’ll tell you why, because it’s adorable. Annnnd I might be a little excited about our monogram: PBR.

Monogrammed DuraClear® Large Tumblers, Multicolored, Triple-Initial, Set of 6

via Erin Ever After and Williams Sonoma

New Orleans Dream House

Continuing my obsession with all things New Orleans, (it never really subsides but has been kicked into high gear after my trip this weekend) I had to share a dreamy little shotgun that is so adorable.

Built inside a South Carolina factory and shipped to its home in one of New Orleans’ historical neighborhoods, this shotgun cottage is the most popular building style in the Big Easy. Most shotgun houses are one room wide, and three to five rooms deep.Rarely do shotgun cottages have formal entries. This monochromatic parlor acts as a space for welcoming and entertaining guests.Floor-to-ceiling bookcases add a sense of history and accentuate the room’s 10-foot ceilings.A wall-mounted faucet pours onto a modern flat-surface sink, where the water spills into a surrounding channel.Tongue-and-groove paneling reinforces the casual nature of this open living space. Gas lanterns are a Big Easy icon.Square-back dining chairs combined with an antique bench around the dining table feel less formal than a complete set of matching chairs.An apron-front sink, bin pull hardware, and a beaded-board island are all iconic cottage elements.This unique pantry portal was a vintage door from an old New Orleans bank safe and is installed on a sliding track.Built-in cabinetry and convenient open shelving store bills and household paperwork.Designers Ann and Jane Dupuy used marine rope and grommets to attach a tailored canopy to the four-poster iron bed.A basic walk-in closet is transformed into a boudoir with patterned wallpaper on the walls and ceiling, a crystal chandelier, and an upholstered ottoman.Trimmed-out open shelves provide handy built-in storage in the laundry room.An ironing board cabinet is hidden behind a door, conveniently located when needed, and out of site when not in use.The multipurpose guest room and study is filled with rich accents such as a leather armchair, a pair of lacquered nesting tables, and ribbon trim on the pillows.A simple chest was transformed with a few coats of shiny black paint and a decoupage treatment.The lyrics to Johnny Cash’s “Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart” gives this bathroom a sense of humor.Head-to-toe pink walls, ceiling, and trim create a sweet space in this little girl’s bedroom.A little bit of formal architecture is introduced into this children’s room with a hand-painted medallion glued directly to the ceiling.The back wall of doors extends the living area to the porch. The substantial trim work above the doors adds height for a seamless transition to the tall ceilings inside.Enclosing the courtyard in a backdrop of deep shades of green sets a peaceful atmosphere. The furnishings pop against the soothing palette.

via My Home Ideas

Fabulously Feminine New Orleans Home

In honor of my trip to New Orleans this weekend (leaving tonight!) I thought I’d share this decadent, beautiful home of “a Southern-born media executive in New York who wears clothes with great silhouettes and really fun modern jewelry from Africa or France. She collects contemporary photographs and art. Her husband is a food and wine writer, and at the drop of a hat they’ll give a party for 60 to 70.” from House Beautiful. I’m drooling. That’s who I want to be.

The homeowner shares, “I think I dreamed the house. When you bump into something that’s in your mind’s eye, you recognize it. What’s the French term? Coup de foudre— love at first sight. The house is like a character in our lives. In New York, our home is a condo. It’s mostly where we retreat to plug in our batteries. But this is a real house, big enough to gather all our friends into, with a dining room table sturdy enough to hold a suckling pig. This is so Southern — in my walled courtyard, I have my late grandmother’s gardenias planted. We brought them over from Alabama, stem by stem, with the roots in little jars of water. To sit near them reading the newspaper in my pajamas while listening to the New Orleans soundtrack of crickets, steamboat whistles, children playing, cathedral bells, and the pie lady selling pies — it’s divine.” Divinity indeed.

I Love Gallery Walls

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. I don’t believe that applies to art on the walls. When done right, a gallery wall can be spectacular. It can be done in any room, with or without a theme. It can cover a blank wall or a busy one, a small room or a large one…just make sure you’re happy when you walk in and don’t be afraid to take a few decorating chances.

via The Decorista



I am lucky enough to have a vanity. It’s a very special piece of furniture that was given to me by a dear friend of the family. It’s the essential piece for a lady that loves to get ready. That may not be every day but it does happen. I stumbled upon some gorgeous vanities on {this is glamorous}. I prefer the mirrored versions, you?


via {this is glamorous}, The Decorista

My sweet little vanity :)

The Home of Lauren Santo Domingo

Vogue Gallery

I’m not a “fan” of Lauren Santo Domingo or LSD as she likes to refer to herself. I’m not sure why she’s so popular with the media or the fashion crowd. I do, however, have to give credit where credit is due and she does always look chic. Here is a glimpse inside her Manhattan apartment via Vogue. My favorite room is definitely the office/closet. I also love her hippo bar cart.

You can also check out the most-wanted items from her home here.

Vogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue GalleryVogue Gallery

Subtle Christmas

This gorgeous Swedish home is decorated just enough for my taste. There are subtle and thoughtful touches everywhere but none of the typical, overwhelming cheese that seems to accompany most decor I see. First of all, the home is quite chic on its own and the seemingly effortless air has carried over into holiday decorations. Just lovely.

photography by joakim bergström for sköna hem via {this is glamorous}