The Fuzz


I love fur (preferably faux). It is just about the sexiest thing you can wear when it’s freezing and you’re showing a miniscule amount of skin. images via pinterest
Next up for me, a muff. Remember those? After our epic snowstorm, I have a feeling I’m going to need it.
If you’re in need of a (faux) fur, look no further than these great local spots: grey dog | lola Or online: asos | etsy

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When guys take it up a notch…

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Girls notice. Promise you. Case in point: Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. Yes he looked amazing, but more than that, I wanted his entire wardrobe for Ro. And he was on board! Attention to detail is something I think some guys have a hard time with. They don’t automatically think things like “should this jacket have a pocket square?” or “should I layer a sweater over this thermal?”. But oh what a difference it makes.

Boys, next time you dress to impress, ask yourself this question: What would Ryan wear?

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images via pinterest – the best invention ever!

Coat Weather?

It’s the first day of fall and it definitely feels like it in our neck of the woods. The thing about Arkansas is the weather is consistently erratic. While it was 40 last night, it’s supposed to be 80s tomorrow. It’s very hard to dress for! Every year around this time, I have to look for inspiration on how to look chic in cooler weather. Here are some looks I’m loving. (via pinterest)

Wrapped Up

fur1 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>

I always love to see examples of looking chic while fully bundled. I think this editorial featuring Anna Iaryn does exactly that.

fur2 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur3 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur4 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur5 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur6 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur7 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur8 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>

Taking a late night trip into the city, Man Sumarni captures Anna Iaryn in luxurious furs for the December 28th issue of WWD. Outfitted by fashion editor Bobbi Queen, Anna dons an array of looks from the likes of Jerry Sorbara, Oscar De La Renta and Adrienne Landau. – FGR