2011 Outfit Favorites

Happy 2012 from The Window Shopper!

Better late than never? Here are a few of my favorite outfits (some on the blog, some not) from 2011. Thank you all for your continued support. xo
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Happy July!

I hope you enjoy every second of your holiday weekend. It’s always good to remember the freedoms and privileges we are afforded because we live in America – even with it’s faults. I begin to feel that summer is in full force when the 4th comes around, and I never fail to wonder where June has gone.

Home (Dreams & Musings)

Jan/Feb 2010

I’m house-hunting again. Robert and I are trying to find a place for June 1 and I’m getting antsy. I’m hoping for a big backyard, a front porch, a cozy kitchen and lots of closet space. We’ll see what we end up with. Here are some (dream) spaces I’m loving…I’m trying to keep in mind I’ll be living with a boy. It should be interesting. All images via decor supersite Lonny. What are some of your favorite sites for decor inspiration?


Mar/Apr 2011Dec 2010

Jun/Jul 2010