Sad Songs

It’s Monday. I’m listening to Purple Rain and I can’t make you love me on repeat. I had a bit of disappointment this weekend. Sometimes, the only thing that makes me feel better is a severely depressing song. Et tu?

Do you need a depressing song for your Monday?

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When Nothing Goes Right

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing is working? Yeah, they are usually Mondays.  Anyway, these things are uplifting me from my melancholy.

Charlize looking super cute and snuggly…

This cake

This adorable outfit/girl working bed head

This cute-as-a-button child

The Man Repeller and her cape…duh

NPR’s 24/7 music channel and of course, this puppy who is all mine




It’s Monday again. October has ended and soon daylight savings will as well. As much as I look forward to the holidays, the sun going down before I leave the office in the afternoons is not quite appealing. With temperatures spiraling downward in the near future, I’m enjoying these last few days of later sunsets and bare legs.

Image via Dress, Design, Decor

Playing Catch-Up

It’s the beginning of another new week! Mondays almost always make me feel helpless, like I’ve got so much to do and haven’t accomplished as much as I expected. By Friday, this feeling fades into the very back and is replaced by excitement and whimsy.

This week, I really do have a lot to do to prepare for vacation (yay!!!!) starting Sunday. Emails to write, projects to wrap up, plans to make, packing to do. I hope your week is starting nicely.

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