Best Dressed: Natalia Vodianova

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I have a serious crush on Natalia Vodianova, the stunning, effervescent, versatile, Russian-model, mother of three, princess beauty. See more at Elle UK’s style file.

Pretty Ponies

Isn’t Natalia breath-taking? I hope you’re rocking the pretty pony during these sweltering summer days.

Natalia Vodianova, Christy Turlington, Karen Elson for Louis Vuitton via Smile

Clash of the “Titans”

A couple of nights ago, boyfriend took (dragged) me to see Clash of the Titans. It was exactly what I thought it would be…cheesy, interesting, slightly cool. Honestly, the coolest thing about it was Medusa.

Not the best photo but I totally recognized that face! It was none other than the lovely Natalia Vodianova. Oh how I love her and her fairytale story and her gorgeous family.

She is a 27-year-old who left her native Nizhniy Novgorod when she was in her teens to model after working the family fruit stand, married Englishman Justin Portman, became a star by the age of nineteen, had three children, and quite recently had an epiphany about what she does. “Now that I am older, and a mother,” she says, “I understand that modeling is my job. I don’t do it because it is superfun or because I get to travel or because it brings fame. It is what I do for a living. And that puts everything in the right place.” Vodianova herself has no idea how she attained the status that has been awarded to the women she role-played for Steven Meisel—”There were a lot of beautiful Russian girls,” she says, shrugging, “and I just seemed to stick around.” – VogueNatalia_goff_monte_061107_52cbbjpg