Moving & Marrying


As of Friday morning (the same day I woke up at 4am to watch the royal wedding) there was nothing packed in either Robert’s or my house. As of today, we are living in the new house. So… a lot went down over the last few days. There was rain, there was 40 degree weather, there were floods and not everything is complete… BUT! we spent the night there last night! I cannot put into words the relief I feel today as I think about my new home with the guy I love and our little doggies. More to come about decorating and the like…

I hope you had a good weekend!

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Home (Dreams & Musings)

Jan/Feb 2010

I’m house-hunting again. Robert and I are trying to find a place for June 1 and I’m getting antsy. I’m hoping for a big backyard, a front porch, a cozy kitchen and lots of closet space. We’ll see what we end up with. Here are some (dream) spaces I’m loving…I’m trying to keep in mind I’ll be living with a boy. It should be interesting. All images via decor supersite Lonny. What are some of your favorite sites for decor inspiration?


Mar/Apr 2011Dec 2010

Jun/Jul 2010






The Weekend!

Kick up your heels! It’s Friday! I’m having my first little shindig at the new place tonight.

I’m planning to wear my new favorite dress from Maude (below).

I have lots of besties in town and we’re planning to make the most out of our time together. There will be eating, drinking and merry-making. We’ve also got a BIG football game that the whole town is excited about. I’m a happy girl!

Pretty la-belle-vie:  thedecorista:  fun fun fun!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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Dressing Room Envy

So..this is pretty much my dream dressing room. Mine is coming together…a bit. Yesterday I got a wrought iron daybed (complete with trundle!). We have guests coming in town this weekend and I think a daybed befits a dressing room. I haven’t gotten it set up but I have high hopes. I need to hang pictures and a chandelier would really take everything to the next level.

So this is very raw but I’m going to incorporate the vanity, the shoe display and the day bed (below). I’d love to have a wall of mirrors, lots of art and I’m still considering the screen. Also needed: gigantic oriental rug.

Image Credits: Dream Dressing Room, Blurry phone photos – mine