What We Wore: Polka Dots & Seersucker

what we wore: seersucker suit – bespoke vintage, shoes – asos, bow tie – handmade by my grandma, shirt – banana republic, dress – vintage christian lacroix via cheap thrills, platforms – jeffrey campbell (also wore them on my wedding day!), earrings – vintage from mae’s, cocktail ring – kate spade, clutch – tj maxx

A couple of weeks ago, Ro and I went to New Orleans for the wedding of a friend. I knew it would be a chic affair so the outfit planning began months ago.
On Ro: My mom found this seersucker suit at a thrift store and bought it for one of my brothers. They were not interested so she gave it to Ro. Coincidentally, it fit him beautifully. I learned how to tie a bow tie for the occasion so that he could wear one of my papa’s (my grandma made a bow tie to match every dress).

On me: I found this dress by accident at cheap thrills. Harriet (the proprietor) was showing me a full length leopard fur in the back room and I spied this adorable polka dot number. I asked about it and she said it wasn’t exactly for sale but she’d lend it to me. I tried it on and we both agreed that I had to have it. So, out of the goodness of her heart, she sold it to me.
We had a fabulous time.


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I’ll be away from posting for a little bit (until 7/10). I’m in New Orleans and Gulf Shores taking a holiday with the Mr. Meanwhile, follow me on instagram to keep up while I’m gone – @mspayton. On twitter I’m @pbridewell, I’m also on pinterest, where these lovely images were cultivated – pinterest.com/paytonvail. Also, connect with the window shopper on facebook & click -> here to see all my outfits.

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tête a tête.

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Happy Mardi Gras

Me on the right, 2007

Every year during carnival season, I wonder (more than usual) why I ever left New Orleans. The city is really so different than any other place in the country. Once you fall in love, you start a life-long affair with the place. Who couldn’t love a city that shuts down for a party?
So, although it’s just another Tuesday in Fayetteville, I’m wishing everyone a happy mardi gras! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Mardi Gras 2006

What I Wore: THE Skirt

what I wore: skirt – vintage from NOLA, heels – quipid, blouse – bcbg, shirt – hanes, sweater – express, love knot – vintage
This skirt was the first vintage item I purchased after I arrived in New Orleans for college. I don’t remember the name of the shop but it was uptown, pretty close to JacquesImo’s. The ladies working in there sad and chain-smoked while you browsed.  It will always be a favorite. The skirt is so fun with it’s high fifties waist and has a wonderful length that can be dressed way up or down. Side note: there are two different tops in these ensembles, that’s because I had a little incident with my puppy involving mud and changed at lunch.

Way down yonder in New Orleans

My bags are packed! I’m ready to go! It’s hard to believe that I’m heading to New Orleans to celebrate my bachelorette, see sweet friends that I haven’t seen in a long time and get excited about my wedding in exactly THREE MONTHS from tomorrow!

The weekend has already started nicely, my dress was delivered today! I haven’t opened the box yet but I’m so excited.

I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! I’ll leave you with a little picture of the future Bridewells.
Photos via Pinterest, Bottom photo by Mallory Berry

Fabulously Feminine New Orleans Home

In honor of my trip to New Orleans this weekend (leaving tonight!) I thought I’d share this decadent, beautiful home of “a Southern-born media executive in New York who wears clothes with great silhouettes and really fun modern jewelry from Africa or France. She collects contemporary photographs and art. Her husband is a food and wine writer, and at the drop of a hat they’ll give a party for 60 to 70.” from House Beautiful. I’m drooling. That’s who I want to be.

The homeowner shares, “I think I dreamed the house. When you bump into something that’s in your mind’s eye, you recognize it. What’s the French term? Coup de foudre— love at first sight. The house is like a character in our lives. In New York, our home is a condo. It’s mostly where we retreat to plug in our batteries. But this is a real house, big enough to gather all our friends into, with a dining room table sturdy enough to hold a suckling pig. This is so Southern — in my walled courtyard, I have my late grandmother’s gardenias planted. We brought them over from Alabama, stem by stem, with the roots in little jars of water. To sit near them reading the newspaper in my pajamas while listening to the New Orleans soundtrack of crickets, steamboat whistles, children playing, cathedral bells, and the pie lady selling pies — it’s divine.” Divinity indeed.

Magazine Street.

I love this! It’s from the May/June 2011 issue of Lonny and there is a whole New Orleans section (pointed out to me by the dear Tina from Sweet on Design). This makes me super excited because I’m heading down there on Friday for my bachelorette party! I cannot wait. Check out the newest issue of Lonny and Magazine Street, next time you’re in the Big Easy…

Magazine StMay/June 11 Lonny

Enjoy your weekend, Darling.

(via Aubrey Road)

With all the craziness, sadness and unpredictability of our society today, it is evermore important to hold on to what’s real and valuable in our lives.


I hope something makes each and every one of you devastatingly happy this weekend.

I’ll be relaxing, celebrating a dear friend’s upcoming baby girl and continuing to nest in the new place.


My wedding dress comes in next Thursday, then it’s off to New Orleans for my bachelorette celebration with college friends. Don’t we all have so much to look forward to?

I wore a dress with a train.

What I wore: Dress – TJ Maxx, Blazer – Vintage (also seen here), Heels – Michael Antonio

Oh hello…

Here I am, casually looking casual in the gym. Not working out but rather, using the mirrors to take pics of my outfit. I wore a dress from TJ Maxx that I’m slightly obsessed with. It’s a jersey/stretchy fabric in a tawny color. It’s totally comfy and it has this amazing train. I wear it way too often. The heels are also one of my favorite pairs. I picked them up at Shoe-nami on Magazine in New Orleans for like $12. I’m also working a bit of a tan. I laid out in my backyard for probably 30 minutes on Saturday and looked like a lobster for it. Thankfully, it’s finally died down a bit.

I will soon be posting pictures of the new digs!