The Princess Dress

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This dress is slightly disney princess on crack. I realize this. AND it’s less intense than it once was – belive it or not! I chopped it! It was full length, you guys. However, it was perfection for my birthday. It felt like the quintessential celebratory frock.
dress – thrifted
sunnies – vintage
heels – Seychelles via Maude Boutique

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What would Kate Middleton do?

Most women I know have much respect for the newest princess. She’s incredibly lovely but in a girl next door sort of way. We had all been pulling for her to get a proposal for the past 5 years or so. She seems very warm and friendly and girlfriend has an impeccable figure.
So, let’s ask ourselves. In a situation any girl might face, what would the stunning royal do?
I want to wear a short dress but it’s too short/cold out. WWKD? Kate would opt for sheer panty hose. Duh. Knee-high black boots for more casual situations.
Gloucestershire wedding, Oct 2010Visit to St Andrews, Feb 2011Centrepoint visit, Dec 2011
It’s rainy or muddy. WWKD? Princess K would wear a hat and wellies, of course.
Sandringham, Dec 2011
I’m attending a premier/gala/red carpet. WWKD? The princess would no doubt wear her hair down and curled, a long designer confection with an hourglass figure flattering silhouette. Let’s not forget the princely accessory in a dapper tux.
Bafta gala, Hollywood, July 2011ARK Gala, June 2011
I want to look my best/something important is going on. WWKD? Turn to ISSA.
The engagement photocall, Nov 2010Royal tour of Canada, July 2011
The Boodles Boxing Ball, Jun 2008
I’m going to the wedding of a friend or relative. WWKD? Does it need to be said? Suit dress + hat/fascinator. EVERYTIME.
Zara Phillip's wedding, July 2011London wedding, Aug 2009Christmas Day, Sandringham, Dec 2011
I’ve got an incredible figure and it’s casual Friday. WWKD? Jeans my friend.

I’m on holiday at the beach. WWKD? Work out like a fiend, then white bikini – all the way.
My sister is really pretty and she’s always getting attention, people even say she looked better than I did at my wedding. WWKD? Stay mum, graciousness and grace always wins.

I’m getting married! WWKD? Follow tradition but not trends.


It seems like everyone I know and don’t know has suddenly put me under a crazy microscope. WWKD? Act like a lady. Stay in shape. Dress to flatter your figure. And most importantly, smile. (The happiest girls are always the prettiest girls.)

A very Royal boat party, July 2011

Photos via stylist and google

Fab & Fug Princesses

Of course, Kate looked stunning. She was a vision and I have no idea how she was able to keep her composure but the whole thing was so lovely. Yes. I was up at 4am.

However, I feel that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice need to be addressed. These pictures don’t even do justice to how truly fugly they both looked despite the chic hats.

The Princess

WORK THE CROWD photo | Kate Middleton

Ok…I have royal wedding fever just like everyone else. I’m not sure I’ll wake at 3am to watch Guiliana’s E coverage but I’m still excited. I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear!! Everyone waits with breath that is baited. I heard that everyone in the UK gets Thursday and Friday off, duh. Kate Middleton looks gorgeous – here are a few more shots of her for your viewing pleasure.

CARRY ON photo | Kate MiddletonTHAT'S A WRAP photo | Kate MiddletonRED, SET, GO!   photo | Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamWEDDING DATE   photo | Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamCLEAN SLATE photo | Kate MiddletonBREAKOUT STAR photo | Kate MiddletonWILLIAM & KATE   photo | Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamIN STEP    photo | Kate Middleton, Prince William

above photos via People

and one more to make us all jealous…

kate middleton bikini photo

via stylist