Little Buddy


Just chilling with Mr. Wiggles on a lovely, unseasonably warm Saturday.
flannel – thrifted adonna
beanie – asos
booties – michael antonio
(the weiner’s sweater is from petco a few years back)


What I Wore: Suspenders

what I wore: blouse & suspenders – vintage from potter’s house, trousers – new york & co, croc heels – gianni bini (also seen here)
I was super into this ensemble until several employees of Forever21 told me they liked my outfit. While I obviously buy from there, I never want to look like the store threw up on me. My general consensus was to take the compliment and move along. Because, I have always found that graciously accepting a compliment is the best way to react. No one wants to hear you mouth off about how terrible you think you look because a) you either mean it or b) you don’t and both are sad.
Sorry…I’ve completely digressed. I’ve included a picture of my beautiful Bird. She turned 2 last week.

Becoming a mother again

Hello Gorgeous!

My bf and I have gotten a puppy together. We’ve wanted to take the dive for quite some time but have never actually come close. I have a bi-polar dachshund and he wanted a great dane, so we were having a hard time compromising.  Then it all happened so fast! We met her sister (my bestie – Lo’s sister had adopted her). Robert got an email the next day and we went to visit her, the next day (yesterday) we brought her home!

She’s adorable, I know. Her name is Miss Roberta Roux Bridewell, Bertie for short. She’s just a delicious dessert dog! So precocious and affectionate. I’ve never had a puppy! Wiggles was 2+ years old when I adopted him. I just want to do everything right so she turns into the type of dog you can take anywhere and that everyone wants to be around! I’m so nervous! I bought Puppies for dummies yesterday! I also don’t want my already sour wiener feel left out.

Robert seems confident that we’ll figure everyone out. But, I don’t want to miss that small window where they’re so impressionable and learn with ease (not to nip, not to pee in the house, not to jump, not to beg, tricks). Who knows what will happen? All I know right now is I am in love with this beautiful creature and even more charmed by my beau when I see how sweet he is with her…

Did you melt?

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