A little Wonderful for Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday. I hope these sweet nothings brighten your day, like they did mine.

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The New York Diet

Almost everyone who lives in New York loves New York and a lot of us who don’t live there love it as well. Lots of people (me) would live there if they could and like to live vicariously through those that do. I hope you get my jist. I recently discovered a section, Grub Street New York in (my favorite) NY Mag that details well-known New Yorker’s diets for a week. They include all sorts of chefs, writers, designers and models. For some reason I am enthralled by what people eat and all things food, really.

I already know what Anthony Bourdain eats but still enjoyed reading about it. I love his voice and am really wanting to read his books. An excerpt: Wednesday, June 9 “Badly hung-over from the night before. Regretting the negroni before the wine, so there was no question of breakfast. Nothing helps hangovers anymore; it used to be a nice cold Coke, a joint, and as soon as my appetite would come back, maybe some leftover kung-pow chicken — spicy Chinese food helps. But as a father of a 3-year-old, I’m not smoking a lot of weed anymore.” Tony’s always right.

Alessandra Ambrosio seems to eat a lot like everyone else, she just doesn’t look it. One day consisted of “I had coffee and an English muffin sandwich with ham and cheese at home. For lunch I was at home, too: I had rice, beans, salad, and a chicken breast. The nanny made it for me — she cooks for my daughter and I had some. In the afternoon I had two chocolate-chip cookies and a green-tea latte. In the nighttime, I had a dinner at my house, so I went and bought cheese, olives, salami, caviar — all those things. I had some lobster ravioli and a little tiramisu. We bought it ready-made, it was one of those things you just warm it up. To drink I had some wine.” Sounds good to me.

I especially enjoyed reading about Catherine Malandrino‘s diet right before and after her NYFW show. “During the presentation, I didn’t eat — it was all about the collection. But after the show, a table was waiting for me at Ed’s Chowder House, where I celebrated with family and friends. We ate oysters and jumbo shrimp and drank Champagne; it was a four-hour lunch! I felt exhausted after that, and I went home and fell asleep until midnight. I woke up starving, dreaming about spaghetti Bolognese, so my partner Bernard made some for me — we ate pasta and celebrated again with Champagne. It was beautiful.”

Eating and enjoying food with friends and loved ones is such a wonderful part of life, don’t you think? Reading and writing about this makes me very excited for the weekend.

Images: Anthony Bourdain, Alessandra Ambrosio, Catherine Malandrino