A Spooky Little Girl like You

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Halloween is one of my all-time favorite occasions. I LOVE to dress up in costume. I’m the kind of girl that wears wigs to a concert and noodles, so you can imagine…Luckily, my new husband shares my affinity for playing dress-up and allows himself to be “convinced” to participate.
At our rehearsal dinner, my mom made an extremely lovely video montage of us and we were dressed up in costume in so many of the pictures.
I began to embrace it as our equity. Here are some costumes from years past.

2008 Marlboro Man & Hula Girl

2009 Cavepeople

2010 Little Red & the Big Bad Wolf

This year we are being Zorro & some version of CZJ from Mask of Zorro. What about you?

Let’s go camping!

I wouldn’t call myself a camping enthusiast. But, I do have a healthy relationship with the great outdoors. I can hit up an air conditioned cabin with the best of them! Seriously though, I love music festivals and floating. It’s not something I want to do every day but I do want to look good every time I do it.

 Photos by Kalle Gustafsson, styled by Agnes Poulle, featuring model Donnet Dumas for Madame Figaro France June 2010 via Dustjacket Attic

Autumn in Italy

According to Garance Doré, Italy is absolutely lovely in the Fall. I have to say, I think any of us would enjoy ourselves in this beautiful country, autumn or otherwise. It’s been almost 10 years since I was in Italy as a youngin’ and I’m dying to go back.

The thought of swimming in the Mediterranean, eating figs and prosciutto, lazing about and exploring. I could dig it.


All photos by BawkBawkBawk

The Weekend Style & Memories

I love the weekend because I can dress however I want. I can stay in oversize pj pants, driving moccasins and hoodies or I can dash about in a cocktail dress (whether the occasion calls or not). This weekend, I plan to do a bit of both. Tonight: cocktail attire for a charity party; Tomorrow: pjs & mocs; Tomorrow Evening: I may have to bust out my leather leggings in honor of Bikes, Blues and Barbecue. They helped me snag my sweetheart two years ago this weekend, after all…


You never know what the weekend holds!

Image Credits: one, two, three, four, five, six – dance party the night I met my beau

On The Water

In Fayetteville, it’s bikes, blues and barbecue season. While I love the event for our small city’s economy. I don’t so much love living next door to all the ripping and roaring of the bikes. Today I’m rather wishing that my beau and I were going somewhere magical for the weekend, maybe sailing?

Editorial  by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Germany Sep 08 featuring Hilary Rhoda. Entitled “Nur du und ich” translated: just you and me. Via Dustjacket Attic