M is for Monogram

While I do have a few preppy tendencies, I wouldn’t consider myself or my style “preppy”. Why then am I tempted (attempting) to monogram everything from beer glasses to bed sheets?

Monogrammed DuraClear® Pitcher, Triple Initial

I’ll tell you why, because it’s adorable. Annnnd I might be a little excited about our monogram: PBR.

Monogrammed DuraClear® Large Tumblers, Multicolored, Triple-Initial, Set of 6

via Erin Ever After and Williams Sonoma

Fallen in love with a bed…

I went to a very chic wedding event at Vs Mobley this weekend and fell head over heels in love with Matteo bedding. It is the most luxurious, lovely, simple, handmade, soft bedding ever. This stuff is going on our registry for sure.

product slideproduct slideproduct slideproduct slideproduct slideproduct slide

images via: Sacremento Street, Matteo Home, Bobby Berk, Apartment Therapy