What I Wore: Back in Black

(What I Wore: dress – olive and oak, belt – vintage, stripper heels – qupid, glasses – shop ultra, bracelets – shop ultra, forever21, charm & chain, earrings – charm & chain)
Black is really my favorite color to wear. Black and/or white actually. I love that you can accessorize with anything when dealing with a blank pallet. PS: I got the black beaded bracelets stuck on my upper arm – that was cute.

Outfit (Tuxedo Inspired)

Gooooood morning! I’m back in the gym, taking GPOYs and definitely not working out. Yesterday I wore a black & white ensemble that reminded me of a tuxedo and realized again how much I love trousers.
top – BCBG, pants -Forever21, heels – oops forgot the brand but purchased at TJ Maxx, earrings – vintage (Grey Dog), sunnies – Ultra

I Wore Suspenders

What I’m wearing: glasses – Ultra Studios, suspenders – Claire’s, long sleeved white tee – Forever 21, high waist black pants – New York & Co, blazer – vintage, heels – Forever 21, flower – Forever 21

Sorry I’m not sorry for my GPOY. But I thought you guys should know that they sell suspenders at Claire’s in your local mall and they are worth every penny of the $8.00 I spend on them. They are total outfit-transformers. You could literally wear an outfit one day and wear the exact same thing the next day (add suspenders) and no one would notice you hadn’t changed! No guarantee on that one.

Do you grow tired of my bathroom mirror photos at my corporate office? I hope not because they shall continue…