Fallen in love with a bed…

I went to a very chic wedding event at Vs Mobley this weekend and fell head over heels in love with Matteo bedding. It is the most luxurious, lovely, simple, handmade, soft bedding ever. This stuff is going on our registry for sure.

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images via: Sacremento Street, Matteo Home, Bobby Berk, Apartment Therapy

Running on Empty + Barcart Bliss

Between packing, moving, lease-signing and dieting as well as packing/moving boyfriend. I’ve managed to fit in my real job, a little daydreaming and the sporadic wish-list update for the new place. Last night, after I stripped my entire bathroom down, organized and filled two tall kitchen bags with trash…I was beat. Unfortunately, my mind didn’t exactly follow suite. I got about two hours of sleep (and a 3am bath). Needless to say, my wagon is dragging. But it’s still a super exciting time and the weekend is swiftly approaching.

PS: I got my dream bar cart yesterday at a lovely vintage mall that I’ve never been into before (why?). It’s called The Flying Dog and they have some really interesting and fun things. Umm bar cart was $35, I felt like I was robbing them! I also got a vintage cream croc clutch for $5. Below – the bar cart – in all it’s glory (in the store). It’s black, it has wheels and it folds.

Image Credits: girl, bath, barcart – mine