Fabulous Prep

Oh look, here is the rest of his head :)


As the weather warms and the flowers bloom, I find myself attracted to preppy classics. There’s just something so fresh about clean lines and bright colors. I’m not going so far as to tie a sweater around my neck but I do have a certain fondness for madras and seersucker. I tend to veer towards the Jackie Kennedy or Kathryn Hepburn version of prep rather than Lilly Pulitzer. How about you?


Love sperrysexcited for summer cocktails…Pinterest<span class=Photograph by Janis Nicolay, for Canadian House &amp; Homebehind the scenes www.theglitterguide.com

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By Candlelight


This past Saturday was warm and sunny and such a nice reprieve from the chill that is far from over. With yet another Winter storm on the way, I am thinking ever more about Summer and savoring that lovely time whether we are there in our minds or in reality.

Photos via {this is glamorous}