TTH’s Apartment

Is this or is this not exactly what you thought Taylor Tomasi Hill‘s apartment would look like? I probably wouldn’t have foreseen the plants (but being from Texas she probably misses greenery) but everything else looks about par and of course fabulous.

vogue via dja

What I Saw: 60s Chic

I have a deep affinity/admiration for Natalia Vodianova. Like to the point where I was so sad for her when I heard she was divorcing her aristocrat husband with whom she has three kids. Aside from her personal life, I always enjoy seeing her editorials. She’s undeniably lovely in this 60s-chic photo shoot.

Natalia Vodianova and Sam Riley
Photographer: Mert & Marcus Stylist: Grace Coddington Publication: September 2011 issue of Vogue
via The Blonde Journal

5 Days/5 Looks: Hanneli

Have you heard of Hanneli Mustaparta? Well, she’s a gorgeous & stylish model as well as an accomplished photographer and blogger. You can find her here. Obviously with the body of a model you can pull of almost anything but I really love her quirky choices (she’s fond of DIY turbans and CVS socks).

Top image: Hanneli, Bottom images: Vogue