Little Buddy


Just chilling with Mr. Wiggles on a lovely, unseasonably warm Saturday.
flannel – thrifted adonna
beanie – asos
booties – michael antonio
(the weiner’s sweater is from petco a few years back)



Silly Buddy

I just came across this adorable Etsy shop called Silly Buddy. They make custom bow tie collars, regular collars and leashes. I don’t know if I can make it through the day without purchasing one for these two.

Which one is your fave?

Red Tartan Bow Tie Dog CollarFarmer Checks Bow Tie Dog CollarColorful Cubes Bow Tie Dog CollarFriendly Dachshund Dog Collar in Creamy BlueColorful Cubes Dog CollarAir Mail Bow Tie Dog CollarRed Honeycomb Bow Tie Dog CollarAlphabet Bow Tie Dog CollarOlive Tartan Bow Tie Dog Collar


Moving & Marrying


As of Friday morning (the same day I woke up at 4am to watch the royal wedding) there was nothing packed in either Robert’s or my house. As of today, we are living in the new house. So… a lot went down over the last few days. There was rain, there was 40 degree weather, there were floods and not everything is complete… BUT! we spent the night there last night! I cannot put into words the relief I feel today as I think about my new home with the guy I love and our little doggies. More to come about decorating and the like…

I hope you had a good weekend!

Images: here & here

Bird is 11 Months: Flashback

Remember when I shared that I had acquired the sweetest puppy, Birdie? Cue the cutie-cute puppy pics…

Little baby!

Meeting her “daddy dog”

Well now baby Birdie is a big girl! 40lbs! She is happy and healthy and still the cutest thing ever (in my opinion anyway).

For Halloween, she was a witchy-woman.

With her brother, Mr. Wiggs

More Birdie here! Sorry…I’m a proud mama.