Radiohead/Miley Cyrus Altercation

The other night I was watching the soup (xx Joel McHale) and I learned of a certain dispute between Radiohead and Miley Cyrus. Being that I’m not Miley’s biggest fan, I found this to be hilarious:

Media sources have been reporting that Radiohead responded to teen star Miley Cyrus, who lashed out at the band for snubbing her at the Grammy Awards last month.

In a recent radio interview, Cyrus vented her anger at her one-time “favourite” band after they allegedly turned down an invitation to meet her back stage at the Grammys. She said: “I left ’cause I was so upset. I wasn’t going to watch. Stinkin’ Radiohead! I’m gonna ruin them, I’m going to tell everyone.”

According to E! Online, Radiohead responded to her remarks by saying, “When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement.” As it turns out, the band’s publicist reportedly issued the statement and not the band themselves.

On a related note, a band called Easy Star All-Stars has a compilation of Radiohead covers on an album called “Radiodread”, it’s a really appealing, reggae sound featuring artists like Citizen Cope on classic Radiohead songs. You can listen to all the songs for free here:

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