Gushing…read on at your own risk

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I totally feel like Nellie from South Pacific singing “I’m in love with a wonderful guy”. My boyfriend is quite handsome, the kind of handsome that makes you feel dreamy and intrigued rather than intimidated. He’s not quite aware of the perfect slant of his nose or the charm of his smile. He doesn’t really know how dashing he looks in a crisp suit or that he gets better looking every day. Of course, it only adds to his appeal.

Besides being delicious to look upon, he has an unfailingly sweet heart. He’s easy-going, helpful, generous, respectful, funny…and especially adorable and snugly when sleepy. The thing I like most about him is his open mind. He’ll try almost anything and instead of feeling like a mentor, I feel like I’m discovering new food or places or music with him. Since we started dating, he’s been opposed to dancing with me, having claimed that tall people aren’t meant to move quite that way. I’ve recently gotten the pleasure of encountering these “moves” for myself and I have to say he was wrong. Maybe it’s just that I find him so precious anyway, but I thought he was a delightful dancer. He mostly just shimmies and smiles, but that’s all it really takes right?

He does the dishes and makes the bed. He cooks and reads aloud to me from Harry Potter. He picks me up and takes me on dates. He holds my hand and kisses me in public (when appropriate). He’s kind to my mom and affable with my friends, he’s even tolerant of my bipolar wiener dog. He likes to go out or stay in. Even his fascination with all things SPORTS is endearing because he always includes me and genuinely (in my opinion) wants me around.

I don’t know how anyone could disagree that I’m pretty fortunate to have a person like this in my life. I hope I make him as happy as he makes me…I haven’t gotten any complaints…yet.


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