Online shopping? What if shopping is your cardio?

I am extremely fortunate in that it is perfectly normal for me to peruse fashion mags while cooped up in my cubicle. I love seeing what editors think we want to see. I’ll occasionally get some fun ideas about how to put an outfit together and seldom see a new trend I want to try. I fervently try not to shop based on trends, but alas we all fall victim.

Lately, I’ve been enthused with online shopping/browsing. Here are some of my faves of the day:

I just ordered these after seeing my stylish friend Sara sport them in purple while I was visiting in NOLA. She’s 5’10” and one of the only tall beauties I know that will sport 5inch heels. It makes her look like she just stepped off a runway and I love that confidence. Tall women often don’t excercise the prowess they could have if they embraced stilettos. Sara claims these platforms are “comfortable”. Demode,default,pd.html They were initially $89, reduced to $69 with an additional 30% off and free shipping. For comfortable platforms, that’s a win/win!

I’ve been wanting a good pair of high-waisted pants and I adore these from Newport News but I haven’t broken down yet… High-waist wide-leg pant

One store that is under-rated in the fashionista’s mind is New York & Co. I have to admit I buy more stuff than intended there and they have SUCH GOOD SALES and deals! Some nice young lady called to remind me about my “city cash” that had to be used this week. It’s basically free money they give you anytime you purchase something. It’s incredibly affordable and the sizes run large (fit into a 4 when you know you’re a 6), the items go on sale after a reasonable amount of time and it’s perfect for office staples! What’s not to love?

Do you watch Glee? I’m obsessed with the show. Not only has it given Lydia and I several new karaoke songs, it’s so funny! Sue Sylvester has got me thinking about investing in a track suit. Thoughts?

What do we think of shorts as evening wear?



Next weekend, I’m off to Woodstock with my beau. It’s a hunting camp on an island in the Mississippi river. What do I pack??


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