All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go

Especially loving the eye make-up in this editorial with lush fashion against a stark landscape.

Shannon Click by Jacques Olivar for Marie Claire Italia Oct 08 via DustJacket Attic (my new fave).

One thought on “All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go

  1. My Style Advice says:

    these photos are amazing. I’m taking an RV trip up and down the pacific coast highway starting in march – for 1 year. And, i’m going to try and do some funky things with my camera to get different effects. I’d love to do a spread of photos with a contrast of what i’m wearing against an RV and camping and outdoor stuff… Still getting used to my new big fancy camera. :-) I’m sure there are different effects and settings i can use. We will see! Anyway, great post and clever title!

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